Life in Circles

December 21, 2021

We are about to complete one more circle around the sun. And if there is anything to learn, it is that life will go in circles. From pandemics to economic booms and busts, from wars to great acts of compassion, events good and bad tend to repeat themselves.

While there is little, we can do to control the onslaught of such times, we can certainly prepare ourselves better.

We also had our share of challenges where we found ourselves working in this new reality called WFH. Colleagues and loved ones who suffered from Covid to team members who ended up in quarantine instead of taking their flights.


We also have reasons to be grateful, we managed to open new offices in Poland and Canada, onboarded new team members and got the opportunity to work for some fantastic new clients along with the opportunity to continue with the great accounts that we have been serving.


While there is a ton of literature this time of the year that will predict the future and give you a recap of the past, we will instead talk about the three elements vital to running a successful organization that are timeless.




The literal meaning of compassion is to suffer together.

We like to interpret compassion as the opportunity to come together and share, share the good and bad together. It could be any number of people from 2 to 2 billion in the equation. The one thing we realized is that compassion is the way to build a resilient organization.


The only condition is that the idea of compassion must be practiced top-down. Organizations must lead by example, and we promise you in return you will have a team of people who will leave no stone unturned to make you successful.


If you want to check the compassion meter of any organization, there is an easy way to do so – compassionate companies will always have leadership that walks the talk. Managers who lead by example and do what is expected of others. Bosses who stand by their team, always first to take the criticisms and last to claim the credit.




Well, we don't have the requisite depth in anthropology but for us, Culture is the way you do things. And unless you are very intentional about the way things are done in your company, things could turn bad.


Culture is the top-down entity, the actions of the management will always be followed by the rest of the team, no exceptions here. If you have a CEO that treats his subordinates with courtesy and respect, if you have a CEO that doesn’t tolerate misogyny or bias, her actions will color the rest of the organization. The conduct of the management sets the matrix for what is okay and what is not okay.  


You don’t need to hire a specialist to build a culture. The easiest way is to place the seed of a keystone habit and let good things build around it. Google started with – 'don’t be evil'.


Toyota turned around their loss-making factory in the United States by using Safety as a keystone practice, and it influenced the entire organization towards excellence.




Purpose creates meaning.

Purpose gives direction. It is the reason, why that provides the impetus for people to do things with a sense of passion.  


However, many times Purpose is just a buzzword failing to create an impact within organizations. This mostly happens when the articulation of purpose is not clear or weak.


A clear, defined purpose makes the working experience more meaningful for the team. Mental checkout is a pervasive problem across organizations. According to Gallup, more than half of the workforce is not engaged in the work they do; they have mentally checked out.


Purpose can change this for the better


The last thing that one needs to be reminded about purpose is that it needs to be sincere and more than a PR stunt.


These were the three timeliness elements that we believe will make an organization thrive against all odds.



However, if you are still craving for the - what is going to happen, well, let us throw a couple of lines ;)


·      Video asset libraries – every successful marketer will need one. Libraries that have the brand video to a product video, assets made for the internal audience, your team, whether training or to inspire to educational videos. To sum it up, you will have to give up the practice of creating need-based random videos and follow a blueprint.


·      VR is going to be big and Metaverse while it will evolve in terms of definitions and possibilities but will gain significance, ignore at your own peril.


·      Intelligent videos with interactivity are going to be big.



That’s it for now. We wish you happy holidays and a new year filled with hope and happiness.


All the best form All in Motion


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