Gelato Firenze

An artisan gelato store in Brisbane, Queensland, Gelato Firenze is crazy about quality and freshness. The brand Moto calls for nothing but the best Italian gelato in every scoop.
The ALL in DESIGN team was engaged to develop a brand platform for Gelato Firenze.
We were asked to create a visual architecture that will reflect the spirit of their mission to provide the finest artisan gelato.
The identity-driven assignment called for a logo that would extend across surfaces and environments.
Our interpretation
We wanted to build an identity that would reflect the gastronomical elegance and design flair of Italian culture on a vibrant Aussie canvas.
However, by no means this would be saturated or heavy on the senses.
The logo was designed to reflect a flow and depict an insignia. It is akin to a badge that signifies quality and flavour.
The col our scheme is minimal and deep, it hints at the artisanal values of being selective and precise.
We created an identity that pans out warmly across various surfaces and requirements from the chalkboard to the packaging.
Simple to read, easy on the eyes however, this is a design that exudes flavour. The choice of body font provides able contrast to the logo to stand out.
The exercise remains an example that converts the flavour of a product into a visual love