New Technologies in Video

The world is changing as far as videos are concerned. We have possibilities in all forms. Better environment with 5G, better infrastructure with new chipsets, better experiences with interactive, virtual and augmented reality-based videos. Combined these new techs provide a great opportunity to present a whole new brand and marketing experience.

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Workforce shifts and how to make best of people coming back to offices

Covid has brought a tectonic shift in the way we approach work. All assumptions around the change being temporary were quickly being proven wrong. What would be prudent for workers and employers alike is to embrace this change and accept it as the new reality.

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The importance of videos in 2021 - A list of interesting stats

With an enabling ecosystem, videos have become ubiquitous in the online world. And they are only going to become more central. Here are the most important Video Stats that will help you plan Video Marketing Strategy.

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Why do you need an APP Demo Video

How can an APP Demo Video help you reach more people and retain them? It's an old rule of marketing - demonstration works better than statements. You can write the features of your app in the brightest copy but it wouldn’t hold a candle to audiences watching them in action through a video. Video marketing for app is a solid avenue to explore.

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Is email marketing still working?

When emails were first introduced, everyone was excited with the idea that you can share messages instantaneously and control the world with just the tips of your fingers. Times have changed, means of communication also. Does email still fit in the modern communication landscape?

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Video Marketing and its Powerful Impact on Revenue

A good marketer is concerned with return on investments. She wants to ensure that each dollar spent brings value to the organisation. In this blog, we shall look at the case for video content and the impact they bring on revenues.

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How to Create Persuasive Ads

For years marketers have tried to work hard to discover a formula that will explain how people buy products. Millions of dollars are invested each year in various surveys, studies, focus groups to gain insights into the process of buying.

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Building a culture of collaboration

A culture of collaboration is the underlying platform upon which great many corporate success stories have been built.

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Driving productivity through internal communication videos

Facilitating effective communication in the workplace by introducing internal videos may translate directly to company's bottom lines.

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How to build a culture of trust and get things done from your remote team

Learning how to manage remote teams in order to get the best possible outcomes - A trust-based approach.

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All About Onboarding Videos

As companies struggle to decide whether to bring employees back to office or continue with remote working, one critical aspect continues to demand attention. Employee onboarding and training.

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What is a Solution Explainer Video - its benefits and more

Explainer videos are a great way of increasing your conversion rates - find some important points to make them work in this post.

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How to Align Your Marketing Strategies in 2020: Post COVID-19 Phase

As the world finds ways to recover from the pandemic, companies too are gearing up to face this new, dynamic world of changing customer behaviours. Though there’s no playbook or tutorial with 10 million views that we can completely count on, here is an article that might help you think and plan better.

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What’s the Importance of Corporate Videos?

We all know that creating corporate videos is a great practice for building a brand image and for conveying a specific message. But there’s a lot more than just that.Before we get into the benefits and importance of corporate videos,let’s get the basics right.

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The Ultimate Video Marketing Guide

Video marketing can be used for anything and everything - from building a great rapport with the target group, to promoting your brand’s services or products. Besides this, video marketing can also serve as a medium to present how-to’s

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