All about AI and Videos 

The video production industry is undergoing a significant transformation, driven by the growing adoption of artificial intelligence technology. In today’s blog, we will first try to understand the term AI itself and look at its border impact on the field of video production. 

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Importance of Trust in Marketing 

Brand trust is one of the most important aspects you need to nourish to have a successful marketing strategy. Keep reading to find out what the key actions brands can take to gain customers' trust.

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Why do New Year Resolutions Fail? 

Many people see the start of a new year as a time to set new goals and make positive changes in their lives. If you are one of them and made New Year's Resolution, this blog post will help you stick to the plan and avoid common mistakes.

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Thinking Long Term with Videos 

What is the impact of videos beyond short-term measurement? What is the best approach that will help your brand use videos efficiently and effectively? Keep reading to find out why each video should be considered as a chapter of one whole book.

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How to Leverage Your Inbound Marketing Strategy with Video?

A robust inbound strategy is incomplete without a healthy presence of videos in the content mix. In this blog post, we will focus on a few interesting spaces that would provide strong results with the use of videos.

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Videos in 2023 

2022 saw a boom in video content across the B2C, B2B, and user-generated content space. As the year comes to an end, let us take a stalk at how things were for video in 2022 and what comes ahead in the new year. 

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Is your Marketing Calendar Missing Social Media Videos? 

Long term advertising is the key to effective marketing strategy. In this blog post, we discuss why developing a marketing calendar around videos will help you reach your goals and objectives. 

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End-of-Year Video — Celebrating Your Organization’s Achievements

A year-end video is an excellent way of showcasing significant achievements by putting the spotlight on the work and acknowledging important milestones. In this blog, we will discuss how creating the wrap-up video can benefit your organization.

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What Can Blockchain do for Us?

Blockchain as a technology has brilliant applications that have the potential to bring in revolutionary impact. In this blog, we will outline a few sectors where Blockchain is creating value. 

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How to Make B2B Testimonial Videos Work?

A video testimonial is one of the most powerful marketing content where a customer shares her positive experience with the brand.‍ If you are someone who, through excellent customer service or some great products, has won the hearts of your customers so much that they endorse you, this blog is something you should definitely read. 

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3 Best Video Types for B2B Demand Gen

From brand marketing to hard-selling videos can provide great value across the spectrum. Today's blog will discuss using videos in your demand gen exercises. 

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High Converting B2B Video Sales Letter - Best Practices 

How to get your video sales letter working? Let us share some important tips that will help you get a video sales letter that truly works.

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Keeping up with Search Ranking Changes - Squeezing out more from Your Video Content

Google algorithms are increasingly prioritizing websites with video content. In 2023, there will be many new changes to the search algorithm. In this blog, we will discuss how to optimize your content and get the most out of your videos to stay at the top of the game.

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Diversity - how videos can help?

Everyone agrees that organizations should embrace the concept the Diversity and nurture it to its true potential. Communication has a significant contribution to make this endeavor. In this blog, we will show you how you can use videos to impact a dynamic and intentional approach to Diversity within your organization. 

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Immersive Customer Experience - One of the Most Important Upcoming Trends of 2023

Connection with our favorite brands does not have to be rational and often, it isn't. Customers react to ads not because of what they learned but rather of how that ad made them feel. This blog will discuss how providing an Immersive Customer Experience through VR, AR or Interactive Videos can help you gain an edge over competitors.

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How to Make Your Crowdfunding Video Successful?

Videos are one of the most effective tools that add more value to your crowdfunding pitch. Keep reading to learn how to create a killer crowdfunding video.

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Homepage video – a Missed Opportunity

Videos can be a great way to increase the search ranking of your homepage. In this blog post, we will discuss why and how to use videos on a website homepage.

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Using Videos on Twitter – How to Get it Right 

Videos are the most effective content bucket for gaining engagement on Twitter. In this blog post, we will present some best practices you can follow to get optimal results.

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Videos for Instagram – how to choose the correct format?

Instagram, with over 1.4 billion users cannot be ignored in your video marketing strategy. In this blog, we will show you how to use available tools to promote your brand.

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Promoting Events with Videos

Events have a crucial significance for any B2B marketer. In this blog post, we look at how videos add value and augment events.

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Why should Start-Ups Use Video Marketing?

Implementing videos into your strategy will help you scale your startup and accelerate growth like no other marketing tool. Keep reading to learn how start-ups can benefit from using videos.

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Let's talk about Mobile Optimized Videos

While we have written about the growing importance of video as a marketing tool, in this blog, we want to emphasize video in the mobile context. 

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Self-Taping Tips - How to Make your Video Look Professional

In this blog post, we would like to share a few tips that will help you improve the outcome of your video. Using these simple yet effective tips you will see the difference in the output.

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Launching with Video - Giving your Product the Boost it Needs

Developing a new software or an app is hard work. It involves planning, time, and effort investment. Taking the right steps at the planning and execution level is crucial. However, providing a powerful launch pad is equally important. Keep reading to learn how video can play a central role in the success of your new software or app launch. 

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How to Make a Landing Page that Delivers Results 

Your landing pages are vital to your Google search campaign's success. Here are some tips you can follow to build landing pages that truly work. 

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The Importance of Voice Over 

Videos are powerful because they are multi-sensory. Voice adds a powerful dimension to any production. In this blog, we will try to answer how to get a good voice-over that make your videos stand out.

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Four Trends that Will Shape Work in 2023

People are re-evaluating their relationships with work. Organizations would need to embrace a rational progression. In this blog, we will present the four, biggest trends that are bound to shape work in 2023 and beyond.

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Company Culture Videos

Culture is the way we do things. A wholesome, strong company culture attracts talent. But how does one convey the organizational culture to a prospective candidate? A company culture video could be the answer you are looking for.

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Empower your website with videos

In a digital world, your website is crucial to your reputation. More people visit your website compared to your physical address. A good website should have aesthetics, clarity, and easy-to-find information. By adding videos, you can achieve all the above.

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Case Study Video - an Essential Part of B2B Marketing Strategy

In today's blog, we will review the case study video and share some tips about why and how you can use it to your best advantage. 

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Why Videos can take your Internal Communication to the Next Level 

An effective IC strategy in the digital era should include videos as one of the main channels of communication. Keep reading to learn how videos used for internal communication can impact other areas of an organisation.

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The Real Secret to Video ROI

The overwhelming presence and relevance of videos in the digital space is no longer a matter of debate. In this blog, we will present best practices on how to plan your video marketing strategy that will deliver the desired ROIs.

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B2B Social Media Videos - How to do it Right

The likelihood of competition not being on social media platforms is nearly zero. Therefore you need a clear, well-thought-out communication strategy for your brand profile. In this blog post, we will discuss how videos can help you achieve your business goals faster.

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Why You Need an Animated logo?

An animated logo can help your brand in many ways. It enables you to connect with your audience and gives you a chance to tell a story. If you are still not convinced whether you should have an animated logo, this blog post is for you.

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How Motion Graphics Can Help You in Better Storytelling

Without a doubt, one of the best forms of visual communication is motion storytelling, where the brand can connect with the audience through a compelling package. This blog post will discuss why motion design plays such an essential role in B2B marketing. 

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‍The Secret to Great Animation‍

Recognizing good, captivating animation and creating one requires a basic understanding of the design principles. Here are universal rules that will show you what makes a graphic design a good one.

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Mental Health Month- Stigma Free Workplace

May is a month when we celebrate mental health awareness.‍ Mental health is not only a psychological state, but it also includes emotional and social well-being. In this blog, we will discuss what causes the dysfunction and how to tackle this issue in the workplace.

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Storyboard - An Essential Step for Video Production

A storyboard is an essential part of the video pre-production process that helps turn words into a visual story. Developing a storyboard is vital and must be included in the pre-production process. In this blog, you will learn why it is worth investing a bit of time in creating a video storyboard.

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Best Video Types for SaaS Companies

Videos are the most powerful marketing tool that can determine the success of a SaaS company. In this blog, you will find clever tips on how to plan out the right strategy by selecting the most suitable types of videos.

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Choosing the Right Stock Video Clip 

Selecting the right clip for your video may seem easy, but a great deal of thought must go into the process. In this blog, you will find how to make the right choice of a stock clip to create an impactful video. 

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How to use Video Marketing to Elevate CX Strategy

Video marketing should not be used solely for advertising the product or your service. It can and does much more - it influences the overall experience that the audience has with the brand. In this blog, we will present how well-planned video marketing can take CX to the next level.

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Using the Power of Music in Your Video Marketing 

Music is not an additional element of a good video. It is equally important as the visual. Since most corporate videos do not have a dialogue but a VO, music cannot be undermined. Keep reading to find out how to use the power of music in your video marketing.

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Retaining Talents during the Great Resignation 

Great Resignation, the global workforce movement where people voluntarily leave their jobs turns out to be very expensive for employers. High turnover is not only a monetary hit, but it affects many areas of organizations. What are the causes and how to prevent the Big Quit?

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Clutch Recognizes ALLinMOTION Studios as a 2022 Top Marketing Company in India

Thanks to the hard work of our team and the support of our partners, we’ve just been named by Clutch as a top marketing agency in India for 2022. As an agency that takes pride in the value we deliver, it is an exhilarating sensation when the world takes notice. 

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Every Good Video Needs a Blueprint - Start with the Script

Writing a good corporate video script takes much more than great writing and storytelling skills. In this blog post, we will outline important aspects that define a good corporate video script.

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Planning a Video Project - Ask Right Questions in the Pre-Production Stage

Planning is an essential step in video content production. Creative inputs determined in the light of strategic insights perform better. In this blog, we will help you define a road map with key milestones by asking the right questions.

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How to Create and Manage a Successful LinkedIn Group?

LinkedIn Groups are a powerful marketing tool that allows you and your audience to create a valuable, cohesive community. In this blog, we will discuss why building a LinkedIn Group is important to your business and how to make it the right way?

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Three Important Marketing Trends for 2022

The situation in the world shows us that it may be necessary for marketing leaders to accommodate many changes in their strategy for 2022. Keep reading to discover three key trends that will help you grow brand value and deepen customer connections.

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The Importance of Video Marketing on Social Media 

Over the last two years, social channels used for B2B communications have undergone a significant transformation with videos taking the lead as the most valuable content type. Keep reading to learn why building a brand presence in social media is no longer an option but a marketing priority.

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B2B Podcasts - How to Make it Work?

Podcasts are taking the marketing world by storm. Audio content adoption continues to grow especially in the B2B environment. In this blog, we will present the best B2B practices and reasons why it is important to follow this trend.

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Kinetic Typography in B2B Videos

For over 5 thousand years typography remained static. Only 70 years ago thanks to cinema, fonts were set in motion. In this blog, you will learn why you should consider incorporating Kinetic Typography in your video content.

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How will Video Help Elevate Your HR Strategy?

The pandemic continues to influence functions across industries. One division that has faced one of the most daunting tasks is HR. What key challenges do Human Resources need to face in 2022 and how to overcome them with the help of videos?

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Shoppable Videos - the Future of Digital Retail

What are the advantages of shoppable video over linear one? Foremost, it allows you to generate the right emotions and create a buildup in the minds of the consumer. By placing a product feed along with your video content, you allow the audience to act without the lag. In this blog, we will discuss other positive aspects of shoppable videos and the reasons why you should include them in your marketing strategy.

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Making Videos Work on LinkedIn

In the world of B2B marketing, videos have achieved a dynamic form of consumption. LinkedIn is one of a few platforms where video traffic has found credibility with the C-suite decision-makers. Keep reading to learn actionable tips on creating great LinkedIn video content.

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Repurposing Video Content

Creating a good video is a lot of hard work. Time invested in the research, getting a brief in place, and then hours of work and numerous iterations. What if there was a way to make more out of your videos simply by recycling them. Let us take a look at the best ways to recap your video library.

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The Importance of Brand Authenticity

Brands are acquiring a central space in modern culture, therefore the question of authenticity is vital. In this blog, we will discuss authenticity from many aspects and present key elements that help build brand authenticity.

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Life in Circles

We are about to complete one more circle around the sun. While there is little we can do to control the onslaught of such times, we can certainly prepare ourselves better. Since there is a ton of literature this time of the year that will predict the future, we will instead talk about the three elements vital to running a successful organization that are timeless.

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​​What about Brand Loyalty?

Brand loyalty - the subject of many conferences and keynote speeches. Do marketers ask for too much when they expect loyalty from the customers? Or there is really nothing like brand loyalty, it is just customers' preferences.

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Making a Successful Webinar

Making a successful webinar requires all the skills, planning and investment that you would deploy in a successful marketing campaign. This blog will not only expose the necessary ingredients that contribute to a successful webinar but also will address all the questions you need to ask yourself if you want to take your webinars from good to great.

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​​Humanizing Videos

Before you start your video production journey with the intent to deliver humanized content you need to understand what makes videos dehumanized. Keep reading to learn how to gain a loyal audience by making your video content more humanized.

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Meta Verse – What it Means to the World of Videos?

On 28th October, Mark Zuckerberg revealed how Metaverse would revolutionize the experience the platform offers. Undoubtedly, it is just the beginning of changes that will impose a massive shift in marketing efforts towards immersive videos.

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How to Create a Great Case Study Video

A well-crafted video case study is a great way to showcase the positive impact an organization can have on its clients. Keep reading if you would like to know how to make a great video case study and how it will help your business.

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COP26 Climate Conference – Why Does It Matter?

From 31 October to 12 November 2021, one hundred and seventy-nine countries are attending the biggest climate event since the Paris agreement was signed in 2015. During the Glasgow Climate Summit, also known as COP26, heads of states and experts are working on producing a global response to rapid climate changes.

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Organizing Events, Conferences, or Expos? Here is how Videos Can Help

Are you organizing an in-person conference and thinking about the best marketing strategy? We believe videos shall contribute and aid to the proliferation of live events as they can offer benefits that other content forms cannot. Let us look at how videos will add value and augment in-person events.

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Why Interactive Videos are the Next Cool Thing

Linear video content saw phenomenal growth in the last decade. While this served the purpose of content marketing, with time it also led to saturation. The best way to engage audiences and keep their attention is by introducing interactive videos.

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Why CTA Works Best with Video

We engage in a marketing communication to modify the client behaviour to suit our objective. The CTA is the conclusive step to achieve this goal. Keep reading to find out why CTAs works best with videos.

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Videos in the Year 2022

The digital ecosystem is developing at a rapid pace. Devices are becoming cheaper and accessible. Internet penetration is on the rise, and we are moving towards a more connected world. In a report published by Cisco it is estimated that by the year 2022, 82% of the internet traffic will be driven by video.

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The First Pillar of a Great Video – Audience

The makings of a great video should always start from the audience. In this blog, we share key steps that will help you define an empathy-driven video strategy.

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How to Help Your Team Beat Online Fatigue

Since 2019 the world of work has changed forever. Working remotely becomes the norm. However, not everybody can handle this new reality well. Spending long hours in front of a laptop screen often results in online fatigue. What are the symptoms and how they can be prevented? Keep reading to find out more.

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Content Marketing with Videos

The addition of video assets to content marketing has proven to be effective. In this blog post, we discuss why videos are important for content marketing and how you can use them to boost your content marketing.

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Briefing With Your Brand in Mind for a Great Video

Apart from colors and the fonts, conveying your brand spirit is important to get the desired output from a video execution partner. People working on your project must be aware of what do you stand for.

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Why Should You Include YouTube in Your Marketing Plan?

YouTube is a great marketing channel if used properly. Check this blog to learn 3 amazing tips to build an email list using YouTube. In the blog, you will find ideas to take your YouTube presence to the next level.

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The Most Important Investment You Need to Make for a Great Video

Key elements that define a good video campaign are the script, execution, placement and much more. But to get these right you must always start from the audience.

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All about Videos and Landing Pages

A great landing page always has a clear purpose - to convert visitors to a specific action. The right choice of imagery, coherent message, easy navigation - these are the basics, and although very important, they will not give your page a significant lift. However, using a video is bound to drastically increase your conversion rate.

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Gaining Thought Leadership with Videos

In these difficult, post-pandemic times thought leadership has gained huge importance. It shapes perceptions across domains, sets the tone of the conversation and ultimately establishes a connection between the audience and organization. While sharing knowledge can be done through reports and white papers, videos can take things to the next level.

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Before You Decide to Make a Video

Good videos involve investment. With careful planning, you can maximise your ROIs putting videos to better effect. In this blog, we will discuss some key steps that you need to take before you actually shoot that brief to the agency.

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Building a Brand with Videos

In modern times brands must appeal to our human nature. It is important to find the best way of communication that can tap into all senses, be engaging and convincing. And nothing does it better than telling stories through videos.

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New Technologies in Video

The world is changing as far as videos are concerned. We have possibilities in all forms. Better environment with 5G, better infrastructure with new chipsets, better experiences with interactive, virtual and augmented reality-based videos. Combined these new techs provide a great opportunity to present a whole new brand and marketing experience.

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Workforce shifts and how to make best of people coming back to offices

Covid has brought a tectonic shift in the way we approach work. All assumptions around the change being temporary were quickly being proven wrong. What would be prudent for workers and employers alike is to embrace this change and accept it as the new reality.

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The importance of videos in 2021 - A list of interesting stats

With an enabling ecosystem, videos have become ubiquitous in the online world. And they are only going to become more central. Here are the most important Video Stats that will help you plan Video Marketing Strategy.

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Why do you need an APP Demo Video

How can an APP Demo Video help you reach more people and retain them? It's an old rule of marketing - demonstration works better than statements. You can write the features of your app in the brightest copy but it wouldn’t hold a candle to audiences watching them in action through a video. Video marketing for app is a solid avenue to explore.

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Is email marketing still working?

When emails were first introduced, everyone was excited with the idea that you can share messages instantaneously and control the world with just the tips of your fingers. Times have changed, means of communication also. Does email still fit in the modern communication landscape?

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Video Marketing and its Powerful Impact on Revenue

A good marketer is concerned with return on investments. She wants to ensure that each dollar spent brings value to the organisation. In this blog, we shall look at the case for video content and the impact they bring on revenues.

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How to Create Persuasive Ads

For years marketers have tried to work hard to discover a formula that will explain how people buy products. Millions of dollars are invested each year in various surveys, studies, focus groups to gain insights into the process of buying.

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Building a culture of collaboration

A culture of collaboration is the underlying platform upon which great many corporate success stories have been built.

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Driving productivity through internal communication videos

Facilitating effective communication in the workplace by introducing internal videos may translate directly to company's bottom lines.

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How to build a culture of trust and get things done from your remote team

Learning how to manage remote teams in order to get the best possible outcomes - A trust-based approach.

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All About Onboarding Videos

As companies struggle to decide whether to bring employees back to office or continue with remote working, one critical aspect continues to demand attention. Employee onboarding and training.

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What is a Solution Explainer Video - its benefits and more

Explainer videos are a great way of increasing your conversion rates - find some important points to make them work in this post.

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How to Align Your Marketing Strategies in 2020: Post COVID-19 Phase

As the world finds ways to recover from the pandemic, companies too are gearing up to face this new, dynamic world of changing customer behaviours. Though there’s no playbook or tutorial with 10 million views that we can completely count on, here is an article that might help you think and plan better.

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What’s the Importance of Corporate Videos?

We all know that creating corporate videos is a great practice for building a brand image and for conveying a specific message. But there’s a lot more than just that.Before we get into the benefits and importance of corporate videos,let’s get the basics right.

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The Ultimate Video Marketing Guide

Video marketing can be used for anything and everything - from building a great rapport with the target group, to promoting your brand’s services or products. Besides this, video marketing can also serve as a medium to present how-to’s

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