B2B Podcasts - How to Make it Work?

February 22, 2022

The world of B2B marketing is driven by value.

There is a surge in the amount of content being produced in the B2B marketing domain. Ultimately quality impacts the outcome. Podcasts are something of irony often ignored by marketers but highly appreciated by the audiences.

Again, the question is of quality. 

A quick look at some key data around podcasts and one realizes their potential

  • Podcasts grips an audience’s attention for 30 minutes or more
Almost 65% of podcast listeners listen to the whole episode 

  • Podcasts have a high subscription rate 

  • Podcasts are consumed on a regular basis
68% listen to almost all of the episodes that they’ve downloaded

We are often confronted with the question of waning attention spans. Attention deficit is a challenge.

Data shows that the best solution is not to create shorter content, rather better content.

Quality podcasts rich with the information presented in the right manner are an ideal platform to build your intellectual leadership. Knowledge leadership is the key to gaining credibility in the B2B domain.

Content marketing done right gives you the lever to gain a position of influence. Influence in the B2B space helps you with access and conversions. 

Interesting points around the world of podcasts

66% of consumers today prefer podcasts over TV

While the overall viewership of TV is much higher, however, we see a preference with the select audience towards podcasts. 

Quality content is essential to 97.7% of podcasters

Podcasts bring value to people’s lives - they are informative and educational.

There is an important exploratory factor - a listener is exposed to new information.

This form of the content does not require our full attention - audio content can be listened to when multitasking or commuting.

Podcasts are packed with stories such as case studies and our brains are story-wired.

It gives the audience a sense of belonging. You do not need to participate in the recording, just being a passive recipient makes you feel like a part of the community. 

How a podcast can help your brand?


  • It will help boost thought leadership,

  • It will raise brand awareness and engage influencers in your industry,

  • It will boost your social media following,


  • It will add value to your brand.

B2B Podcast best practices 

1. Define your audience.

2. Define the purpose of the podcast by addressing the audience’s needs.

3. Have the script ready and questions prepared.

4. Make sure you add value, and you.

5. Build credibility by telling your stories.

6. Pay attention to the quality of the conversation.

7. Have no more than 3 people in the podcast.

8. Adjust the length. The most common podcast length is between 20 and 40 minutes (31%).

9. Add visuals to make it more interesting. Motion graphics-driven video works best.

    Videos are an underestimated asset that could add tremendous value to the world of podcasts.

Only 17% of podcasters record video along with their podcast


So, if you are looking to take your podcast to a new dimension or planning to start one, write to us at hello@allinmotion.com