B2B Social Media Videos - How to do it Right

June 14, 2022

Over the last few years, social media has slowly become a critical business function. More and more companies aim to connect with their audience more deeply through direct interaction. Videos have become an integral part of every platform. 

LinkedIn is the second most-used platform among video marketers, 68%, after YouTube.

1. Social media videos build your brand presence

Over 5% of clients learn about new brands on social.

The likelihood that the competition is not on social media platforms is nearly zero. Not including social media in a marketing plan is not an option. You must present your brand as trustworthy and knowledgeable.

Some brands thrive with considerable engagement, while some organizations' accounts have no clear structure and little content. What sets them apart is their communication strategy. A strategy that is well defined and encompasses a strong content inflow across buckets. 

Videos have come to play a crucial role as a content format. According to statistics, videos are the content that gets the highest traction.

76% of marketers who leverage video call it the most effective content format


Communicate authority through professional brand video. Systematically release short video content with subtitles. 

Try not to push the envelope. Do not overload your audience with too much content, low-quality videos, or content that does not bring any value to your potential customer. 

2. Social media videos help generate demand

Social media videos make it easy for the audience to envision how they’d use the service or product. 


By engaging them with personalized video content.


3. Social Media Videos help reach your business goals 

Social Media Vides guide prospects through the decision stage of their buyer’s journey.

Videos are proven to help you reach your business goals faster by increasing KPIs.

81% of marketers say video has helped them directly increase sales


Tell real customer stories through video.

4. Social Media Videos build a loyal audience 

By encouraging engagement through videos, you are likely to build a community of individuals who will act as advocates for your brand. 


Show authenticity by creating videos depicting company culture. One idea could be to release spontaneous CEO messages relating to an important topic to the audience.


Social selling is on the rise. Brands that build communities and sustain them are positioned to gain a unique benefit through the social game. 

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