B2B Video Marketing, Emotions and LinkedIn

February 28, 2023

For B2B, leveraging video marketing on LinkedIn can be quite beneficial. Business professionals and decision-makers frequently utilize the professional networking site LinkedIn. It gives businesses a potent B2B marketing chance to present their products or services to a specific audience.

One powerful technique to grab your target audience's attention and deliver your message effectively is through video marketing. Also, it might aid in increasing your audience's level of credibility and confidence. LinkedIn has been pushing to encourage video content on its platform in response to the rise of video content on social media.

Emotions Deliver Results

For B2B (business-to-business) marketing, emotions are crucial. Although rational decision-making is frequently associated with business-to-business marketing, emotions also play a big part in business-to-business purchasing.

B2B customers are people; like all people, they are susceptible to emotional inclinations and needs. Even though B2B transactions are frequently undertaken on behalf of an organization, the decision-makers involved in the process are still human beings who are susceptible to emotional influence.

Many avenues exist for emotions to influence B2B purchasing. For instance, a buyer's view of a brand, their trust in a specific seller, and their confidence in their choice to make a purchase can all be influenced by their emotions. Buyers' perceptions of a product or service's worth and the risk involved in purchasing can also be influenced by their emotions.

Thus, it is crucial for B2B marketers to comprehend the emotional factors influencing the choices made by their target audience and to include emotional appeals in their marketing strategy. Buyers' intellectual and emotional requirements should be addressed in effective B2B marketing, considering elements like trust, credibility, and personal connection.

How Videos Deliver Emotions 

By offering a potent platform for storytelling, visual communication, and forging close bonds with clients, video marketing may evoke emotion in the B2B market. These are some strategies for using video marketing to evoke feeling in the B2B market:


Video enables B2B businesses to tell compelling tales that engage viewers emotionally. Businesses can use video to communicate their brand's history, difficulties they've encountered, and achievements. B2B enterprises may engage their customers more deeply and leave a lasting impact using emotionally charged stories.

Visual communication

Video, a highly visual medium, enables B2B businesses to convey their message in a memorable and engaging way. B2B businesses may make their experience more engaging and impactful by incorporating visual components like graphics, animations, and photographs.

Personal connections

By putting a face to a brand, video can help B2B organizations establish personal ties with their audience. B2B businesses can establish an air of authenticity and gain the audience's trust by including staff or customers in their videos. Moreover, videos can be tailored to particular audience subgroups, giving viewers the impression that the video was made especially for them.

In B2B video marketing, music and sound can also be important in conveying emotion. The correct music may amplify certain feelings and build the mood for the video, while sound effects can heighten the impact of the message and make the experience more immersive.

Linkedin Loves Videos 

LinkedIn's algorithm frequently gives video material preference over other sorts of content, which can help your posts gain more visibility and be seen by more people. LinkedIn additionally offers data and insights on the effectiveness of your video content, enabling you to modify your approach as necessary to maximize your outcomes.

Therefore, using LinkedIn for B2B video marketing can be a fantastic means of communicating with your target market and establishing your brand.

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