Best Video Types for SaaS Companies

May 4, 2022

Why are videos vital for a SaaS marketing campaign?

SaaS marketers find videos to be a powerful part of their marketing toolkit. Here are some essential points that shall help you gain a perspective.

  • Videos are an effective medium for delivering educational content. The value and features that your SaaS provides need to be explained clearly and concisely. Besides a direct one to one meeting, videos are a great medium that will help you deliver your value message clearly.

  • YouTube has become the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Adding videos to your portfolio helps gain visibility on the net. Not only that, but Google also gives a better ranking to sites with videos.

  • 4 in 5 people surveyed said digital video helps them learn new things. Your audience prefers to learn using video over text.

  • Video allows you to humanize your brand/service. Especially in the SaaS field, where everything is technical, you can use videos to make your brand more approachable. It can be achieved by using a calm and friendly voice tone, presenting real people, or adding a sense of humour.

  • Showcasing your SaaS offering may be challenging. Words or static graphics may not convey the message simply yet comprehensively. Videos can present difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand way by breaking down your service or product in layman’s terms.

  • Videos are great tools to tell stories. Strong visuals can connect with an audience faster, building an emotional bond. This is something words cannot do alone.

  • Another significant aspect of using the videos in your campaign is that you can get plenty of data by tracking your video. It gives you access to the most important metrics: engagement rate, play rate, view count, and click-through rate (CTR). Thanks to this, you can see what is working best and where is the room for improvement.

When planning the campaign in the Tech sector you need to think about your customers’ needs whilst keeping in stride with the most recent marketing formats.

Types of Videos for SaaS Companies

1. Feature Video/Brand Videos 

Videos do not need to be centered around your product or services. They can also present the brand, build awareness, and give the audience a taste of associative benefits beyond the product. Brand videos are often displayed on the company’s landing page that provides an insight into the company's values.


2. Explainer Video

Animated 2D or 3D video can help you present complicated concepts in a digestible manner. Instead of taking time and explaining what it is that we do, or how to use the software, use the power of video. A well-crafted video can deliver the same message more memorably in just 2 min.

3. Testimonials

The audience will see how they can benefit from choosing your brand. Using testimonial videos is a great way to move your potential customers further down the sales funnel. Testimonials also build trust as they are all about third party endorsement.

4. Interviews with experts in the field/ Recorded Webinars with animation overlay

Being a host of a conference/ meeting where a panel of experts can discuss different topics from the Tech field gives you an opportunity to gather a broader audience who was not before interested in your product. Creating short snippets with the right background music and animation, and using them on your social handlers will gain more traction and generate more interest in your brand.

Videos can deliver tangible and measurable results to your SaaS Marketing campaign. They are a powerful and desired content format. To know how we can help you take your SaaS Marketing towards your goals, write to us at