Briefing With Your Brand in Mind for a Great Video

September 14, 2021

Have you ever felt that although you got the information correct, yet, the video doesn’t feel right?  

This may happen when the essence of your brand is not represented.

In this blog post, we will discuss why focusing on your brand while briefing for a video project is important. We will also share some tips that you can use to get the process right.  

Place your brand at the top of the agenda while briefing for a project


Imagine that you are a brand that has been a vocal supporter of work from home and your video content has footages filled with people working in offices. 

Such disconnects will toss your credibility out of the window.   

If your messaging is not aligned with your brand, your audience will not believe you.

Such a disconnect erodes trust and will place your credibility in doubt. However, when your content is representative of your brand ethos, it will solidify your position. 

Brand video briefing


Use these power tips for a solid briefing and get your video content right?


  1. Please ensure that you dedicate a decent amount of time for the briefing session. Do not rush through, saving time on the briefing should not be an option.   

  1. Introduce key brand guidelines as a standard part of your briefing template.  

  1. When you onboard a new partner, conduct a briefing session about your brand in detail. You could almost use the same template that you use to induct  a new team member.  

  1. During the project, you still have opportunities to check for errors at the scripting and storyboarding stages. Use each stage of the project to align the messaging with your brand.


A great video is more than a piece of content that carries your message. Always consider your videos as an opportunity to display your brand values and principles.  


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