Choosing the Right Stock Video Clip 

April 26, 2022

Stock footage is a great alternative that gives creators access to video clips they may not be able to shoot themselves. It significantly saves money and time when it comes to the production process. 

Good stock footage can enhance the message and make the video look authentic and original. However, if the footage is picked without attention to detail, the video may look cliche and generic.

Selecting the right clip for your video may seem easy, but a great deal of thought must go into the process. A common trap many creators fall into is picking a clip that is too stocky. It is also essential to make sure the video blended with many stocks still looks consistent. 

Here are some tips you can follow to make the right choice of a clip to create an impactful video. 


Use alternate keywords

Get creative with the process. Do not stick to the keywords that are in the script. Try to think in terms of synonyms, allegories, and metaphors. This way, you are more likely to find stock clips that are rare, not exploited, and still fit into your storyline.

For example, if the script keyword is agile, try to also look for words like speed, swift, quick, fast-paced, etc.  

Look for non-familiar or uncommon clips

Try searching for clips with fresh content or the most relevant option. Clips that are commonly used make your video look dated and less engaging. When looking for the right stock clip, unmark the Popular section. 

Examples of commonly used clips 

Find clips in the same color tone

Clips that are similar in tone help to keep uniformity across the video.

Examples of high saturation and contrast videos

Examples of low saturation, warm tone 

Look for similar quality and resolution

The quality of your stock clips should not be vastly different from each other unless they're necessary for a specific visual effect.

Footage with graphic overlays

Do not opt for footage with graphic overlays. It’s considered dated and may not deliver the right image. 

Stock clips are an effective way to speed up your video production and achieve cost efficiency. However, the correct output depends on a sensible approach. At All in Motion, we have the right team with the desired experience who understands the nuances of video production. 

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