Company Culture Videos

July 19, 2022

Culture is the way we do things. A wholesome, strong company culture attracts talent. But how does one convey the organizational culture to a prospective candidate?  

A company culture video could be the answer you are looking for.

What is a company culture video?  

A company culture video can be approached from different angles. It could be a video that delivers a message from the CEO or a short clip where the current employees share their experiences.  

Implementing company culture videos in the marketing plan has a far-reaching impact. Not only does it help attract the right talents by setting the expectation regarding the working environment, but it also builds the brand perception by showcasing the vision and the goals of the organization.

Let us look at some of the key ingredients that go into making an impactful company culture video.  

Human faces  

Yes, ensure that the video has real humans addressing the subject. People find themselves more relatable when humans talk to them over animated characters.  


Every word that is spoken in the video should be considered a promise. Do not try to oversell.Manage expectations that are real and depict the reality of the organization. Let us not forget people love to face positive challenges. So, keep the message balanced between the good and challenging parts.  


More than trying to impress with the video, use it as an opportunity to inform. A new joiner could be anxious. Providing her with information about what to expect is helpful. Let them know what a typical day at the office is like. Even small tips like whereto park can be beneficial.  


Yes, share the big picture. Use the video to share your vision. What is that you have set out to achieve and how the audience could be a part of this journey.  


Keep the language simple. If you are working with a script, score it for readability. Free tools available on the net can help you do so. Please keep the talk free of Jargon. Do not assume knowledge on the part of the audience.  


Go beyond the work. Talk about community and how you contribute. If you have active running social programs, do mention them.  


Choose your location intelligently. Find an environment that provides ample natural light. While choosing your frame or the part of the location that will be visible to theaudience, try to include some greens. Think of a location with a large window showing some greenery on the outside. Otherwise, arrange for some indoor plants.  


Please be inclusive and ensure that you are using subtitles in an appropriate language.

Diversity and inclusion  

A positive culture cares for people from all walks of life. While drafting the script or casting, be mindful of diversity and inclusion.  

Go beyond

This last one is perhaps the most important tip. Building a culture video should not be a literal exercise. There are many ways to bring out your culture. Beyond perks and free cookies, people care for a sense of inclusion, empowerment, and respect far more than corporate freebies.

Yes, providing a window into your culture will help you get the right people in. However it will also deter those who may not be the best fit.  

A culture video could be a great asset to build a positive perception if done correctly. If you are looking to produce your culture video, give us a shout at