Content Marketing with Videos

September 21, 2021

Content marketing - the genesis  


Content marketing has gained importance because of its huge impact. The reason behind its success is the fact that it embodies the principle of exchange. It gives value in terms of information and in return gets the attention of the audience.  

Post internet 2.0 the digital realm made it possible for marketers and audiences to engage in two-way communication.  

Through content marketing brands got an opportunity to share detailed long-form material. Audiences who were taking to online purchase of goods and services wanted more information to make a sound decision. This system has created an opportunity for mutual value exchange. Consumers who were often fatigued with unsolicited messages trying to sell things found this new era interesting. At the heart of the new content marketing paradigm was ‘choice’, and ‘permission’.  

Audiences could now subscribe to material and unsubscribe as they choose. This sense of control reduced resistance in the minds of the people. Content marketing was not considered as advertising, rather it was looked upon as free information.  



Entry of Videos in Content Marketing  


The human mind is programmed to find the easiest way to do things. We are driven by efficiency. Compared to reading several pages, it was much easier to watch a few minutes of video to grasp the same information.  


Videos are much denser when it comes to relaying information. If a picture is known to say a thousand words, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words, according to Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research. 


Early marketers discovered that through videos they were able to get much better engagements. Data emerging from various sources validated video as the most successful source of engagement.  

For example, as per Twitter, a tweet with a video is likely to be 3 times more engaging compared to text or a graphic.  

Feel free to click here if you want to read from Twitter to understand the importance of videos.  



Why should you have a strong video content marketing plan?  


  1. Videos generate a positive ROI 

      During our conversations with one of our leading clients, we understood that videos have a great ROI. The boost that videos provide in       engagements and conversions is evident in their analytics reports.   

  1. Videos build brand awareness 

      Videos are a great way of sharing information with chances of building greater brand affinity. The ability of videos to deliver content in an       emotional package is astounding.  

  1. Videos are great for SEO 

      Videos are 50 times more likely to get organic page ranks in google over plain text.  

  1. Videos fulfill customer needs 

      Your consumers expect to see video content from you. Especially during the discovery phase, audiences are likely to search for video       content to learn more about you. HubSpot says about 54% of customers are expecting video content from brands.  

  1. Videos sell 

      8 out of 10 people say that they’ve been convinced to purchase an app or piece of software because of a video. 

  1. Videos educate 

     72% of customers want to learn from videos.  



Below are some great examples of various video formats worth considering for your video content marketing.  


Motion Graphics

2D Animation Video  

3D Animation Video


Live-Action Video

Some other interesting formats:

  • Customer Testimonial Video  
  • Case Study Video 
  • Explainer Video 
  • Demo App Video

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