Diversity - how videos can help?

October 25, 2022


In an article by Katherine Philips for the Greater Good magazine, she writes

Diversity enhances creativity. It encourages the search for novel information and perspectives, leading to better decision-making and problem-solving. Diversity can improve the bottom line of companies and lead to unfettered discoveries and breakthrough innovations.


She gives such importance to Diversity based on the review of years of research and undeniable evidence. Alluding to the concept of 'informational diversity', she states that differences in race, gender, culture and other dimensions provide a robust environment by contributing unique information emanating from their varied backgrounds. 


An organization that upholds the ideal of Diversity stands to benefit from its efforts. However, Diversity should not be limited to an idea required for hiring new talent. Companies should embrace the concept the Diversity and nurture it to its true potential. Communication has a significant contribution to make this endeavor. 

Videos are a powerful tool to help you achieve just that. Let us share how you can use videos to impact a vibrant and intentional approach to Diversity within your organization. 


Videos have the power to provide credibility


People believe if they find authenticity in your message. Using a video to showcase your current pool of diverse talent sends a strong and positive message. 

Use videos to feature your team and ensure ample representation. It will send a strong a signal to your audience; seeing is believing. This will also help you promote and endorse Diversity through communications. 

You can use employer branding videos to achieve the above. 

Videos drive emotion 


Nothing comes close to a video if you intend to deliver an emotional message. Why should you use emotions? Because championing Diversity is also about building bridges and creating safe environments that are discrimination free. 

You can reduce prejudice and deal with negative stereotypes against Diversity by using an emotional overtone. You must admit that some of your staff may not favour the idea of Diversity. While education and facts are essential but emotions have a strong capacity to help overcome bias. 

Photo by Harry Cunningham

Spread the word 


Misinformation is a significant problem that works against Diversity. It would help if you countered misinformation. However, a meaningful effort in this direction would require you to reach out to a large audience.

Data proves that videos work best when delivering content that people share. Video posts have ten times the possibility of getting a retweet compared to a static posts. 

Using video content, you can effectively address a much wider audience. 


If you are looking forward to boosting Diversity in your organization with videos, write to us at hello@allinmotion.com 


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