Empower your website with videos

July 12, 2022

In a digital world, your website is crucial to your reputation. More people visit your website compared to your physical address. A good website should have aesthetics, clarity, and easy-to-find information. By adding videos, you can achieve all the above.


So let us understand the benefits of adding videos to your website. Below is a repeat of what everyone is talking about on the internet about videos on websites.

Search Ranking

Websites that have a combination of text and video are ranked higher. Google wants to provide high-quality search results to its users. A video on your webpage is considered a positive indicator of quality information by Google.

Improved bounce rates

Audiences spend more time on a page with a video. This improves your bounce rate and sends a positive indication to search engines.


A good video will engage the audience. Audiences prefer getting information from video over text.

Better conversions

You have a better chance of getting the audience to perform the desired action with video. The richness of information, ability to explain complex concepts and emotive nature of videos are helpful.

However, we want to get your attention to factors you may not have considered yet.



Videos are a great way to give the audience a glimpse of your culture. Are you a passionate, driven organization with the will to drive change? Why don’t you display your culture with a video on your landing page?


Emotions drive humans. Nothing forces us to act more than emotions. Videos help you generate an emotional connection with the audience.


Use videos to humanize your websites. Have your employees talk about the company. Give a preview of the work environment of the company. Nothing brings trust like real human faces. A smiling face will give you far more traction than two hundred words of copy.

It is like a Michelin star restaurant showing its kitchen to the patrons. Use videos to form a humanized bond with your audience.


Build videos of customer testimonials. Use real customers with a real story. The presence of testimonial videos adds credibility to your claims.

How to

Time and again, customers who fail to understand your product move away. We may think that something is simple. However, such an assumption is harmful. Showing over telling is a better way to communicate. Videos that show how to assemble your product or how to install it provides a superior experience to your customers.

Videos are one of the most underused tools that marketers can deploy to empower their websites. If you are looking to take your website to the next level, talk to us at hello@allinmotion.com