Every Good Video Needs a Blueprint - Start with the Script

March 29, 2022

Creating an excellent corporate video starts with a thoroughly planned script. 

Writing a good corporate video script takes much more than great writing and storytelling skills.

Creating a video script can be compared to an elevator speech combined with great language - it requires the ability to cover complex ideas in simple lines.

Unlike writing a copy for a website or a white paper, a video script is meant to be set in motion and read aloud. The choice of language and tonality need to be intentional. It is selecting the right words that the visuals could complement. The work here takes place in two dimensions. Therefore, trusting your scriptwriting to a professional who can be in close collaboration with the execution team is often the best option.

What makes a good corporate video script?

Defined audience

When planning the video script, the first stage ought to be defining the target audience. 

Content made for everybody is for nobody.

The goal

The goal of the video is clear.

Align the goal with the audiences' needs. Prior to production, build an agreement between all stakeholders about the purpose of the video. 

Outlined story

Take the viewer on a journey.  A journey that will have the power to change her perspective from one to another. Effective communication is based on storytelling, and storytelling is essential in the context of videos.

Concise script

A good script should be concise and include only necessary information (a one-minute video has 120-150 words). Build for a single core message and deliver it. 

Unambiguous CTA

Your call to action is the definitive step in your video’s journey. Do not try to ask for too many things at one time. Be clear about what you want the audience to do. Make it easy for them to follow the path ahead. 

Strong opening

Introduce the topic at the beginning with an intense opening sequence.

The audience needs to be hooked on during the first few seconds.  

According to a Facebook survey, average users spend only 2,5 seconds on a desktop PC before scrolling down.  

Being intentional and specific

A video script belongs to a separate content bucket. Do not treat it like a research paper or content meant for websites. The language needs to be simple and relatable; long and compound sentences should be avoided.

Including B-roll instructions

Every good corporate video includes B-roll and key post-production notes and instructions such as establishing shots, inserts, the atmosphere, etc. 

Writing a great corporate script requires concise writing skills and imagination. The results are much better if the scriptwriter has a background in the video industry.

Good scriptwriters understand the entire video production process and provide the required foundation for excellent video production. 

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