How Motion Graphics Can Help You in Better Storytelling

May 31, 2022

We live in a digital world, and we all know that stories are not confined only to spoken or written words. One of the most important aspects of being a good storyteller is finding a suitable medium that will help reach right listeners. 

There are many ways to present information: illustrations, podcasts, videos, charts, graphs, infographics, or iconography. However, the secret sauce to great storytelling is the ability to pass the emotions to your audience and tap into the viewer’s inner experience.

Graphics is the most elementary form of storytelling.

Therefore motion graphics works times better. Motion graphics, also referred to as animated infographics, allow you to narrate the story on many levels. 

How can motion graphics help you to tell a better story?

Creating content about complex concepts or data may be challenging. The data itself is a story, and motion graphics can deliver it engagingly. Motion graphics create an opportunity to depict dynamic data visualizations that help cement ideas in the viewer’s brain.

The audience expects the information to be distilled and interpreted so that they do not need to make conclusions themselves. Motion graphics allows you to turn charts into fascinating stories full of applicable insights and help foster a more human connection.

Here, two formats work best: live-action with animated overlay or fully animated video. 

Motion graphics storytelling allows you to compress information and deliver it in a way people want to consume it. Watching video is a passive experience. Statistics show that people are looking for easily digestible information, with Youtube being the 2nd biggest search engine. 

Motion graphics videos are great for content repurposing. You can extend a video’s shelf life by updating/changing the way it is packaged, adding text or graphics. It can be done with webinars, podcasts, case studies, and branding videos.

Suppose you consider live-action video to communicate with your audience. In that case, it is worth considering adding some animated elements that will revitalize the whole project and make it more attractive. 

From outside, creating motion design may seem an easy task. In fact, it takes a lot of thought before getting into the process. The main goal of a great video with motion graphics is to achieve engagement without complicating the message.

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