Building a culture of collaboration

June 15, 2021

How Team Work Delivers Success

Teamwork is an equation where the whole is greater than the sum of its part.

However, in order to achieve this equation, an active conscious effort is required.

Leadership around the world acknowledges the impact culture has on collaboration.

According to Deloitte research  94% of executives and 88% of employees believe that defined corporate culture is central to a business’ success.

What Makes the Spirit of Team Work Thrive

1. Sharing of Ideas

Strong teamwork requires a common goal. A goal that is defined and well pronounced in a language that is common to all.

The ownership of common goals is made possible when ideas are shared in a healthy environment. An environment where team members are welcomed to place their thoughts and are encouraged to contribute.

2. Identifying with the Company Values

If you want your teams to believe in your organization start by defining values that you intend to back by action.

Effectively speaking true values are those in whose interest the company is ready to make sacrifices.

Once organization begin to walk the talk they find that employees follow suit.

Strong teams require a strong alignment to the company value system. Such an alignment is possible when the pursuit of these values is genuine, transparent, and tangible.

3. Feeling a Sense of Belonging

Belonging is built by representation. Organization that ensures employee representation in key decisions and policies builds a sense of belonging.

4. Trust

The opportunity to express vulnerability in a secure environment builds trust among co-workers. Strong teams are as much about managing each other’s weaknesses as benefiting from individual strengths.

5. Communication

Effective and transparent communication within an organization is a backbone of a healthy teamwork culture.

When employees are allowed to communicate and feel heard it gives them a sense of empowerment.

6. Exploring and Expressing Talent

Employees must be placed on a path of continuous learning. Opportunities that allow them to nurture talent are key in building confidence. Team members who feel challenged by a positive sense of learning and engage in self-development are often inspired by teamwork.

So, how does one augment a collaborative environment?

1. Specify Goals 

Work with the team to define benchmarks. Set goals and provide a structure of engagement with clear responsibilities. However, do not over compartmentalize and avoid forming silos.

2. Communication is Crucial

The ability to share ideas with the help of well-defined channels makes one feel heard. Ensure that you give time to healthy discussion and allow contribution from a wider audience within your team.

3. Acknowledgement

Introduce programs that not only acknowledge teamwork but also reward exemplary actions. Recognition supplements purpose.

4. Develop a Personal Approach

Appreciation by managers, leaders in a personal capacity induces faith and belonging in the organization. People don’t mind earning a little bit less as long as they feel valued and appreciated.

‘82% of employees claim that they want to be seen as a person, not just an employee’

5. Strengthen Human Connections

Help team members build human connections. Ensure programs and events that lead team members to spend time socially in a stress-free environment.

6. Be Clear and Specific

Precisely outlined roles help one aim better. Expectations can be easily delivered only when roles are communicated clearly beforehand. Defined roles help build accountability and transparency.

7. Give Healthy Feedback

An organization must develop a healthy appetite for the positive feedback. Critical learnings are important to avoid mistakes and to place team members on a path of excellence.

The exemplary organization ensures that feedback is always accompanied by an opportunity for learning and improving. 

The greatest projects in the world have been a result of a collaborative effort. The ability to work in tandem and in teams, the ability to be driven by a common purpose and shared goals is at the centre of our civilized success.

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