How to Align Your Marketing Strategies in 2020: Post COVID-19 Phase

July 28, 2020

As the world finds ways to recover from the pandemic, companies too are gearing up to face this new, dynamic world of changing customer behaviours. Though there’s no playbook or tutorial with 10 million views that we can completely count on, here is an article that might help you think and plan better.

COVID-19 completely changed the marketing landscape as we know it. Companies tried their best to pivot, and the ones that said the right things at the right time; secured a place in their customer’s heart, even if they made no profit or sale in return.

Take Nike’s brilliant marketing and advertising stance, that’s going to be etched in our minds forever. The communication stays true to the brand, it motivates people to stay indoors, a scenario where there’s no scope of using their product. Why? Because they knew that being reassuring right now was the need of the hour. Yes, Nike is a big brand that can afford to do this, but with the favourable conditions for local brands, you never know what can be the next big thing.

Credits: Nike

When crisis strikes, no other department takes centre stage, like the marketing department does. Sometimes all the data, research and analysis cannot compete with the communication delivered with intuition and human emotion.

So, is there a “perfect stack” for marketing strategies in 2020?

No, according to almost 60-70% marketers, it is always WIP when it comes to working on tools for the marketing strategy. Every organization is different with varying priorities, altering resources, and adjusting strategies. As long as new tools become available, marketers will be seen chasing new deals for their ideal stack.

Future of Marketing - Post COVID-19 marketing scenario

Companies might have to unlearn and relearn what they know. Past statistics might not be a great indicator for the present or future plans.

Even though brands are slowly resuming work, there’s still a huge number of people who will have to work from home for at least another few months. The economy, unemployment ratio, and hope of a vaccine play a huge role in the new buying behaviour of customers. Uncertainty is common, and once we accept it, we can find ways to plan.

Some marketing trends of 2020 that will help us understand how future marketing trends will turn out to be are:

1. Leverage technology: From telemedicine to online payments, remote work, online courses to online entertainment; our lives are dependent on technology. The current scenario has forced people from different age groups to live with technology; right from online classes for children to shopping for the elderly. Breakthrough ideas can leverage technology to see the light of day and easily become a part of a new routine.

2. Go video, go viral: One way to break through the clutter is to use videos to convey a message, show support or achieve top of mind share. These videos needn’t be full-fledged video shoots; use clever ways of creating videos instead. These include using stock footage, creating 2D and 3D videos along with home shot videos that can help build an emotional connect.  

3. Digital presence: Today, brands that have a digital presence, find it easier to communicate with their loyal follower base. Those who are making the digital shift now, have to start from scratch; but there’s no need to fret. Use existing channels like SMS/Emailers to redirect your clientele to your social media and website.

4. Personalization and adaptation: We have a chance to connect with our audience in a better way. Understanding what they need and reassuring them about how the business can adapt to their growing needs in the current scenario is very important.

5. Host or join podcasts: People will still turn to upskill and make the most of WFH, which seems to continue for a while now. Leveraging the right space to connect with your potential customers and future employees is to meet them on such podcasts. Share your company’s vision, mission, and share tips too. You can also share your way of handling the lockdown stress and how one can deal with it. This will lead to people having a more positive outlook mentally, physically, and emotionally.

6. Leverage local SEO: People are going to continue to opt for local, so use the keywords and hashtags wisely. This is an essential tip, especially when you have to deliver physical goods and are not yet set with the new delivery channels.

7. Paid advertising: Cash flow has been severely affected because of the pandemic. Some brands are pulling a brake on their paid campaigns. One major drawback to this is that people might end up forgetting your brand post-COVID-19. Instead of scrapping all of your promotions, look for alternatives to keep the marketing going and stay in the game. The message now should be more about communicating your identity and values than just a mere product.

8. Offer value: Whether it’s educating, being motivational, imparting crucial news pieces, offering help to those who need it; do your bit today and your brand will make an unbreakable bond with your customers.

In the end, it’s all about being authentic, real, and available through every touch-point. Be there during the toughest times for your customers, educate them, entertain them and you will make a mark, post Covid-19.

Here’s some hope, as a parting thought

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