How to Create a Great Case Study Video

November 16, 2021

What is a case study video?

Case study video analyzes a particular real-life scenario that depicts the effectiveness of a product or a service.

It is a great way to showcase a positive impact an organization can have on its clients.

A well-crafted case study video works to present the value your product or service brings from the customer’s perspective.

Why is it important for the business?

1.    A case study is a great marketing tool. A video case study gives you the opportunity to display your capacities in an engaging manner to        potential clients. A study into the behaviour of B2B buyers shows that 52% of B2B buyers find case studies important and do take them        into consideration while making purchase decisions.

2.    Case studies help businesses and brands gain credibility. By displaying value in a real-life scenario through a case study, you get an        opportunity to gain trust in your ability to deliver. Especially, when this is done through a visual media such as video.

3.    Case studies can help you gain recognition. Such an effect could be very productive as research shows that word of mouth or earned        advertising as some call it, gathers positive affiliation. 84% of global respondents across 58 countries state that they find word of mouth        to be the most trustworthy.

4.    Since case studies are a form of social proofing, they make it easier for the audiences to act.

5.    The opportunity to present some of your best work through case studies means an increase in engagements.

6.    Case study videos also boost your conversion rates.

How to plan for great case study video

·      Start by setting your objective. Define in a clear, concise manner what is that you want to achieve with your case study video.

·      Research your audience, get to know them better, understand what their expectations are. Try to hold an in-person meeting with the        ideal customer to understand their needs better. Build persons and represent them in the video.

·      Decide on the problems that you can solve best. The case study video should address specific objections your clients may have, that        stops them from the desired action.

·      Showcase what sets you apart from others.

·      Choose the right customer with an interesting story.

·      If you are going to use live-action, choose the person who has a strong presence on the camera. A confident speaker builds more trust.

·      A solid video structure is a must

       Introducing the customer, presenting the struggle she had – what was the situation before, what action the customer took, how you        helped her and how the situation changed for better. And finally, recommendation.

·       CTA or call to action is very important. Ensure that you have a clear and specific call to action placed optimally within your video.

·      Prepare questions for your customer that will answer all of the above.

·      Create a visual style - choose location/ backdrop, or if you are going to create an animation based video, select the theme and style that        will resonate with the desired audience.

·      Include real data and statistics supporting your message.

·      Keep it short- up to 2 min seems to work best.

If you are planning to create an impactful video case study we could help you get the desired result. Write to us at hello@allinmotion.comto know more.