The Ultimate Video Marketing Guide

January 5, 2020

Video marketing can be used for anything and everything - from building a great rapport with the target group, to promoting your brand’s services or products. Besides this, video marketing can also serve as a medium to present how-to’s, endorse customer testimonials, live-stream events and deliver content that will go viral in no time. While video marketing may seem puzzling, complicated, and expensive—in reality, it’s not! Video marketing does not have a textbook definition that can be mugged up and applied in real life. But it is actually an efficient medium to convey clear messaging. In simple terms, video marketing can be explained as the act of integrating a video as a part of the marketing strategy to help increase brand recognition and awareness.

Some benefits of video marketing are:

●      Increased brand awareness

●      Increased conversions

●      Better return on investment

●      Strengthened trust

●      Improved rankings

●      Better engagement and reach

Video marketing in 2020 is witnessing various creative ideas put forward by different brands in order to garner maximum possible attention from the audience.  


Video marketing in 2020 works through these simple steps:

●      The team decides on various strategies to design the final video for the target group

●      Various elements are added in the video to promote the company, increase sales and raise awareness about the products/services, and engage the customers

●      Various market trends need to be taken care of in order to focus on the right points for a better response from the viewers


How to create a video marketing strategy?

There is no specific video marketing guide. But a lot of factors come into account while planning the strategy for any upcoming or ongoing campaign.

  1. Decide the plot of the video

It is important to have a background story for your upcoming product/service/campaign to reach out to avast audience in order to convey the right message.


  1. Don’t forget the target audience

Your target group is the most important. The elements of the video should be convincing to the group of people targeted, otherwise, the strategy might backfire.


  1. Make it minimal yet expressive

Creatives added in the video should not be overdone, i.e., the element should have minimal yet expressive details that directly connect to the viewers.


  1. Stick to the budget

A pocket-friendly campaign is the most essential part of any marketing strategy. Plan what all scenes will be created or shot in-house and what will be shot on field/location. Save wherever possible and spend only what’s required.


  1. Stick to the timeline

Timelines are crucial for every member of the team, including the people on the other side of the video production team, i.e., the client. Strategy planning, video shooting, editing, pre-production, and post-production, the social media team will work on timelines that need to be set up in order to prioritize other projects at hand.Keep everyone informed of schedules, changes, and completion deadlines.


There you go, a quick snapshot on how to create a video marketing strategy in 2020.

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