How to Make a Landing Page that Delivers Results 

August 9, 2022

A Google search campaign can help you discover intent-based audiences. It is an easy and powerful medium to generate revenues. However, it is essential to know that Google is careful about the output of its search results and closely watches the quality of the search ads. 

Your landing pages are a vital component of your campaign's success. 

First, landing pages help Google determine your ad's relevance and provide correct information. A well-built landing page means a higher rating from google, which ultimately results in you paying less per click.

Second, is the information good enough to convert once the prospect lands on your page? Lousy landing pages result in poor conversion and a high cost for clicks. Therefore it is important to maintain relevant, simple and effective landing pages. 

How to build landing pages that work? 

Make the content relevant

If you create a search ad aimed at selling apples, your landing page should also talk about apples. A common mistake is to create an advertisement about apples and link it with a landing page about oranges. 

Irrelevant landing pages compromise your credibility. Google can identify such mistakes resulting in a lower ranking. 

Show specific details about the offer 

Google search campaign is all about delivering an intent-driven audience. If a person is determined to buy apples, she is seeking information about apples. The key is to build a specific landing page that provides information about apples, including why your apples are better. 

Include keywords

Spend some time understanding keywords related to your product or service. Check what the competition is doing and what type of keywords they use. 
Try to find long-tail keywords. For example, instead of best apples, or sweet apples, think of specific terms such as organic pesticide-free, Gala variety etc. 

Long tail keywords, if strategically determined, can help you save cost and connect you with the right set of audiences. 

Work on USP

The reason to buy is an integral part of your success.

Why should someone purchase apples from you? Here is where you can excel. Build your landing page to highlight your USP. It could be home delivery or gift packaging. 

Research what the customers want, and research what the competition is offering. This will help you identify customer needs and pain points.  

Make the page visually attractive - videos

Videos are the next best thing to sell in person. They are simple to follow and have the ability to generate emotions. Use videos on your landing page to create an impact. 

Various marketing reports state that videos can give you 3X conversion compared to static landing pages. 

Describe what sets you apart

Never assume knowledge on the part of the audience. Try to be descriptive, especially about the points that set you apart. Beyond the USP of the product, you can talk about the features of your business. 

This could be a social initiative that you undertake. For example, for every ten apples you sell, you donate one to the local orphanage. People are interested and support businesses that are pro-community. 

Make it mobile-friendly

In this specific area many go wrong. Data will tell you that mobile plays a crucial role. We ran 70% of clicks via mobile. Ensure your landing page is mobile-friendly. It should be easy to read and navigate on a mobile device. 

Social proof

Adding content that gives social proof adds a ton of value to your landing page. It could be customer testimonials, images of some relevant activity or you stating facts of your business that are verifiable. 

Social proof takes away anxiety on the part of the buyer. It reduces frictions and makes it easier to drive favourable action. 

Include a clear call-to-action

A clear call to action is critical. You could have the best-designed page with excellent content, but you have to tell your audience what it is you want them to do next. There is one more stage to it. Many landing pages do include a call to action, but they fail to make the next steps easy enough. For instance, if your call to action is - call to book your apples - and the number you provide has a long waiting time, you will lose customers. 

Ensure a clear call to action, asking most simply what needs to be done by the audience. Ensure that you are on top of the follow-through action. If it is calling a number, keep the waiting time short. If you are asking to fill a form, use an auto-fill, a mobile-friendly design. 

Create a sense of urgency

Depending on your business' nature, it is sometimes important to create a sense of urgency. Using elements such as a limited period offer or limited edition can help you improve your sales. 


Try to avoid placing general information on your landing page. Always remember you want the audience to understand why your product is the best and why they should buy it. Using general, non-specific information will make the audience leave your page. 

Avoid external links where possible and keep the audience on your page until they have followed the call to action. 

If you are looking for an impactful landing page, videos provide the highest ROI and conversion. Write to us at to know more.