How to use Video Marketing to Elevate CX Strategy

April 19, 2022

CX or Customer Experience is more important than ever in a socially connected world. 

What do we mean by CX?

It refers to all the audience's interactions with a brand at each stage of the consumer’s journey. 

Imagine you are an online flower shop. Right from the first digital ad to the time spent on your website browsing, the buying process to after-sales are potential touchpoints. The quality of interaction with your brand will influence the first purchase, repeat purchases, and if your customer will recommend you to someone else.   

Customer experience is a massive element that determines a company’s success.  

What truly makes for a good experience? 

Many factors contribute to a positive customer experience. Some are apparent and some work in the background. 

According to a PwC survey ‘almost 80% of consumers point to speed, convenience, knowledgeable help, and friendly service as the most important elements of a positive customer experience’.

People tend to be more loyal to brands that provide exceptional value with minimum stress. A good customer experience is also a frictionless one. 

Zendesk Experience Trends Report 2021 showed that the COVID-19 outbreak made people change their purchase behavior and evaluate interaction with brands.

Companies must take notice and change as required. 

Why video marketing plays an important role?

There are numerous stories on the web where customers fail to understand how a product works. Sometimes the printed manual is not enough. Brands need to realize that what they think is easy and simple to use may not be for customers.

We tend to get biased. Therefore, brands should always take the customer's perspective.  

A video that demonstrates the installation and usage of a product is the next best thing to an in-person presentation. 

Indeed, the role of videos is not only limited to instructional videos. It goes far and beyond. 

Map your consumer's journey and identify the junctures where strategically placed videos can inform, educate, influence or even entertain. Thus adding a positive note to your customers' experience. 

Each interaction is a chance for the brand to influence a customer’s perception and impression. Video is one of the most memorable and impactful communication channels available. 

Videos have a huge impact on CX as they can ‘absorb users into your narrative, provide valuable visual explanations and demonstrations, and smooth out their customer journey.’

Executives cited customer experience as a critical brand differentiator.

Improving CX strategy makes you more competitive. Nowadays, people are less attached to brands. Through outstanding CX, companies can reduce churn.

How to align video marketing with CX?

1. Personalize your content - recognize the target audience and use the right channels;

2. Create a 360-degree video - your customers have demands, and they are looking for unique experiences. According to PwC use of the      new technology is one of the top expectations people value in their customer experience;

3. Recognise your audience and address pain points;

4. Reduce inconvenience - produce vertical videos;

More than 75% of Worldwide video viewing is mobile

5. Make your content relatable and meet your audience - use the channels your audience is likely to use;

6. Make your video content valuable/ informative

Almost 70% of people would prefer to watch a short video to learn about the product or service

7. Invest in quality video production.

    Video quality directly translates into how video content is ranked. Massive platforms like Facebook ranks professionally made videos     above all else. 

From attracting your customer to retaining them and building loyalty, videos have a role to play at each step of the way. 

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