Launching with Video - Giving your Product the Boost it Needs

August 16, 2022

Developing a new software or an app is hard work. It involves planning, time and effort investment. 

Taking the right steps at the planning and execution level is crucial. However, providing a powerful launch pad is equally important. 

How could video play a central role in the success of your new software or an app? 

Let us look at some key areas of impact

An operating manual

We live in remote operations and remote working times. Gathering team members physically is not only inefficient, but it also consumes time and resources. You could use an explainer video to help train users to make the best of the new product. Because of its audio-visual capacity, video is an easy-to-understand information-rich platform. 

Defining a product

Using a video to highlight the use case scenarios of your software or app will help you educate your audiences. You can use a video to depict the areas of impact your product is concerned with. A product video will ensure that it conveys the value proposition of your product. 

Building curiosity

Before you launch your product, you can use video to build curiosity. A teaser video will deliver curiosity and interest in your soon-to-launch project. You can generate conversation and attention using a video that will help you gain PR mileage. 

Impact on social

All major social platforms, including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, have published reports about videos' success. Video-based content tends to bring higher conversion and engagement rates than static mediums. Using video on social media, you can harness the power of storytelling and conduct a successful launch. 

Keynote address

Your launch day event can be recorded and enhanced using motion graphics. You can use this video to reach a far larger audience than those gathered in the auditorium. 

Below are some impactful formats that can help you depict your software and app.

Project its UI and UX. You can also make videos to show your software or app in action with real-world impact. 

2D animation


Integrated in 3D environment

Authentic shots of the application

Combining Stock footages with animation

The possibilities with video are endless.

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