Self-Taping Tips - How to Make your Video Look Professional

August 23, 2022

Videos are the next best thing to an in-person meeting. People yearn for that human interaction in a post-pandemic reality with remote working.

The range of emotions that you can convey using videos remains unparalleled. Being an audio-video channel, the video also has the possibility of enhancing perception using a background score and on-screen effects.

However, the most important aspect is to start your video journey.

We would like to share a few tips that will help you improve the outcome of your video. Using these simple yet effective tips, you will see the difference in the output.

Self-Taping Tips

Technical requirements

Let us first get the technical requirements in place. Not everyone needs professional gear; you could always start with what is available. 


Any decent camera, including a point and shoot, should work. You don't need an expensive unit to start your video journey. Make sure sufficient memory is available, and the lens is free from blemish. It would be good to check if the camera can record high definition. Sometimes you are better off using your mobile phone.

Most mobile phones today have a decent camera for self-recording. Some of the expensive models could also allow you to record in 4K. Avoid the front or the selfie camera on the phone as it usually has a poor resolution for a video.


If you are in a location with ambient noise or passing traffic, try to get a microphone. Your voice is an important element of the video. A microphone helps capture crisp and clear sound. There are plenty of brands available for a reasonable price.

Stabilize the camera

One of the common problems that we see is shaky footage. Usually, this happens when the camera or the phone is handheld or placed on an unstable surface. You can buy a camera or phone stand at a reasonable price. Some gimbals are also available for a price that will not leave your wallet dry.

You will see a considerable difference in the quality of your footage once your camera is placed in a stable manner.

Pick the right recording spot

Try to be selective about where you decide to record our video. Find a location with ample natural light coming through. Avoid empty rooms with echo and ensure that you have a pleasant background.

A good location will make all the difference. You don't have to look hard. Just get creative with what you have. You could use some lamps to improve things in some instances with low natural light.

If you struggle to find a decent background, just stand against a neutral wall or place a sheet behind you.

Clothing and hair 

Prepare for the camera.

Preparation makes all the difference. Try to avoid clothes with busy patterns, and choose a color palette that contrasts nicely with the background. If you have an oily skin texture using matte makeup helps. Getting your hair tidy and well-done works for your image.

Dress to justify your content. Suppose you are going to talk about a serious topic. In that case, you may want to dress professionally, or if it's a video about a casual subject, feel free to share more of your personality. 

More Light

Lighting is the key to getting a good video.

Consider arranging lighting equipment if you are in a location with poor ambient light. There is a range of Led lights that could be used. YouTube is full of advice with various options, right from a three-point lighting setup to using a single light source.

Recording mode

Ensure that you choose the correct aspect ratio. Depending on the channel you want to showcase your video on, you may want to choose a vertical or horizontal position. For instance, if you want a mobile-oriented video for something like TikTok go for vertical, but if you want to use it on Youtube, a horizontal video will work best.

Right angle

A good angel makes all the difference.

Experiment with different camera positions to see what brings your personality out the best. Ideally, a mid-close shot from the chest level to the top of the head works best. Oh, and keep that chin slightly down. 


This is the secret most do not emphasize. It takes time. The more you do it, the more you record yourself, the more comfortable you will be in front of the camera. 

One confidence boosting tip to help you is to visit any famous YouTuber’s channel and look at their old videos. You will realise what an improvement time has made. Consistency will help you ace. 

With practice, you will gain confidence, get the right posture, correct hand movements and a flow in your speech. 

Edit video

Post-production matters and is important. Ideally, do not record and edit on the same day. Take a break, revisit the video and shape it to its best version. 

Videos help you reach out to the world; sometimes, you need that professional aspect to come through. Feel free to reach out to us at to know more. 

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