Making Videos Work on LinkedIn

January 25, 2022

In the last few years, we have witnessed a surge in B2B videos. No longer are videos created for the sole purpose of ads being broadcasted on television. In fact, videos are not limited to that one corporate video being created to play each year in the annual function. 

In the world of B2B marketing, videos have achieved a dynamic form of consumption. You have videos that explain the product or service. Videos that talk about case studies and films that are about customer testimonials. There is a whole range of segments within B2B marketing that videos are being produced for. 

A HubSpot report states that almost 50% of customers expect more videos from brands. 

What is also being more apparent is that videos add credibility to brands. Video traffic has found credibility with the C-suite says Forbes magazine. The article specifically talks about videos on LinkedIn. 

Work-related videos are being shared by senior executives at least on a weekly basis with their teams. 

How do you make the best out of LinkedIn with Videos?

LinkedIn has emerged as the thinking brands platform. Brands are interested in building a perception of thought leadership on the platform. Not only is LinkedIn considered as a place to get potential clients, but with the right brand perception the platform is a forum to attract great talent. 

Marketers have found a strong use case with LinkedIn. More and more marketers see the great potential and opportunities that the platform offers - 68% of them plan to include LinkedIn in their 2022 video marketing strategy. 

They find video content to be a scroll stopper- it helps get attention and engagement. 

Important tips to follow 

Before posting a video, ask, what value does my video add? 

1. Does it show the audience how to do something?

2. Does it tell them why they should do something?

3. Does it entertain and inform?

4. Does it announce something that is helpful to them? 

Selling a 20 dollar sneaker cannot be compared to getting a million dollar contract. B2B videos demand professionalism and quality output. Instead of rolling 5 weak videos, place your bet on 2 good ones. 

  • Get your Call To Action right

          Yes, you have shown them something amazing – what next. Spell out clearly what your audience needs to do. Specify the next step and           not the end of the process. Meaning should she call, write an email, go to a link, or leave an email address for you to get back. 

  • Make your video mobile friendly

  • Add subtitles as most of them are watching it on the mobile and many in mute. 

  • Engage to get more engagement from the other side, respond to comments. It is a bad idea to invite guests and not talk to them. 

  • Keep a track of your videos, develop insights about what kind of content works, experiment, try newer formats – just keep on learning

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