All About Onboarding Videos

May 28, 2021

The events of recent year have changed the business and process landscape for all of us.  

As companies struggle to decide whether to bring employees back to office or continue with remote working, one critical aspect continues to demand attention.  

Employee onboarding and training

Glass Door reports that the onboarding experience could be the single most influencing factor in retaining your employees.  

A strong onboarding process provides critical information to help the new team member navigate in her new role. A good onboarding experience also helps organisations convey their expectation in a positive manner.  

Onboarding remains a key bridge in this transitional phase.  

How could videos help in onboarding

Self learning through videos is a preferred process for the majority. It allows one to ingest information at a suitable pace. You could always revisit the information as required and retain the material as reference for the near future.  

A strong series of onboarding videos prime the candidate with the required information to start her innings productively.  

Videos being multi-sensory are easy to follow compared to documents and text based learnings. Show and tell works better.  

What could you use onboarding videos for  

For almost anything. You can use onboarding videos to explain the brand philosophy, nature of work and also add in positive reinforcing messages to make the person feel welcome. Many team leaders prefer to use videos to explain processes and systems as a part of the onboarding process.

You could convert the whole onboarding deck into a bite size series of videos that use the power of story-telling to engage its intended audience.  

How to make a good onboarding video  

  1. Keep the message relatable - Using industry specific imagery and key words help the audience to find context easily. A video that uses relatable content in a easy to follow language delivers best.  

  1. Use story telling - Nothing holds attention and memory like a good story. Do not make it all about numbers and charts, use analogies and characters with a warm disposition to tell  stories. Story telling not helps with recall but also finds acceptance to new ideas and concepts easily.  


  1. Make it bite size - Rather than one long video that overwhelms with tons of information, try to create a series. 1-minute videos work the best, they do not saturate and help the audience keep pace with the flow of information.  

  1. Standardisation - Make sure that the video follows your brand guidelines. Visually the video should resonate with your brand and create uniformity with all other communication. It is also important to keep a tab on the overall brand messaging and build consistency across communication platforms.  

So, if you have managed to hire that super star team member let us help you make his home coming experience a stellar one. Write to us hello@allinmotion to know how we can help you design a powerful onboarding experience.  

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