Repurposing Video Content

January 18, 2022

How to get the Best out of Your Videos 

Creating a good video is a lot of hard work. You put in the research, learn all about the subject and get a good brief in place. Still, that is only the beginning, what follows is hours of work and numerous iterations. Creating a video is an intensive process. 

While there are no shortcuts to making a good video, repurposing allows you to get maximum value out of it. 

We have come to be in an exceedingly video-friendly era. One may not consciously realize so but look around you. The digital ecosystem has gone to great lengths to accommodate videos. You can post and share videos across a plethora of platforms. 

In fact, repurposing videos is not only a good idea but very much needed if your video is going to make sense across platforms. A video for YouTube may not be used as is on Instagram or some other platform. 

Another brilliant reason to re-purpose your content – the Rule of 7

It takes at least seven interactions with your brand for a consumer to give it a serious purchase consideration. 

If you repurpose and use your video across destinations in the digital world, you only stand to get better exposure. 

Why repurposing video content is so important?


·      It helps build more homogenous brand perception across platforms.

·      It strengthens the message that you want to put through.

·      It allows you to receive quality links back to your site and boost your SEO.

·      It increases ROI and saves your time.

·      It allows you to reach a broader audience scattered across many platforms. 

Tweets with videos are 6x more likely to be Retweeted than Tweets with photos.

 How to effectively repurpose videos?

1. Try to write a script with consideration for repurposing. Lay your story in a segment-wise manner. This will make it easy to capture smaller edits for future use. 

2. Creating teasers of the video before launching is a great idea to generate interest. 

3. Create GIFs out of your video and use them on social media.

4. Pick up bytes from the video and use them as mini-stories on social media.

5. Use bytes of your videos as references in a presentation. 

6. Use videos as an intro or during webinars and presentations. 

7. Podcasts with video content gain more interest.

8. Use your video in emailers. 

9. Deploy the video on your landing pages. 

10. Build a library on YouTube. Remember YouTube is the second largest search platform. 

Get creative with your video content, you can also use videos that were made throughout the year to build an annual re-cap. The possibilities are endless, all you need to do is to get intentional about making the best out of your video assets. 

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