Shoppable Videos - the Future of Digital Retail

February 1, 2022


The customer journey in the digital landscape is not linear. Brands all over the globe are looking for efficient roadmaps between intent and purchase.


Purchase behavior and the motive behind consumption are branching out. We are not only buying things we need but a large part of consumption is around the things we want. Shopping has become social.


Brands want to gain the emotional high ground and come to the aid of the buyer. Help them find the easiest route to shopping salvation.


Videos are on their way to become the greatest evangelist of this journey.



What are shoppable videos?


Shoppable videos showcase a product and give the opportunity to buy from the same platform.


Back in the days when product advertorials would come on TV with a telephone number flashing where you could place orders. Shoppable video is the digital version of teleshopping.


By placing a product feed along with your video content, one allows the audience to act without lag. Once you have generated the right emotions and created a buildup in the minds of the consumer, a shoppable video format will allow you to convert.



Let us take a look at Why


1. Options are good but too many not so good. Surfing a typical e-com site with hundreds of options may lead to decision fatigue. While the audience may spend time on the site but without generating any revenue. With shoppable video, the options are limited and focused on preventing decisions fatigue.


2. Shoppable video provides a rich sensory experience. The quality of information around the product is denser but served in an engaging manner.

3. Gives the control to the shopper and they can choose what part of the content they want to spend more time with


34% of video consumers want to be able to jump to a different part of a video (Raptmedia).


4. Provides data-backed results

 ‘Brands that add product feeds to their Video action campaigns achieve over 60% more conversions at a lower cost.’


5. Cuts through the noise and helps you get the undivided attention of the customer.



Shoppable videos can be adapted to DTC brands and standalone brand platforms. One can already witness platforms gearing up to cater to shoppable videos, whether YouTube or Amazon Live. This is a strong indication of the imminent shift towards shoppable videos.


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