Storyboard - An Essential Step for Video Production

May 10, 2022

What is a Storyboard 

A storyboard is an essential part of the video pre-production process that helps turn words into a visual story. Developing a storyboard is vital and must be included in the pre-production process. Sharing it with everybody involved helps iron out possible problems and misunderstandings. 

A storyboard is a visual outline of the video in the form of a sequence of images that convey the storyline. 

Storyboards for animated videos are usually hand-drawn or created with software, and they should look more like a comic book when finished. In a good storyboard, each slide of the storyboard contains a mockup of the scene that will represent one line of the script.

How will storyboarding help you make the right decision?

1. A storyboard is the most straightforward visual representation of the video idea. It helps the team share their thoughts and vision. It     allows the creators and the company that orders the video to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

2. The storyboard will test the idea and see if it will work out. The purpose of a storyboard is not to create a work of art but to communicate      a vision that creators have for the video in a simple way. It should present the sequence and content of the scenes so one can easily      imagine what the video will look. 

3. A storyboard will help save time in the production process. Investing a bit of time in creating a storyboard will eliminate a lot of revisions.     The storyboard with additional information and comments reduces the likelihood of additional filming as it allows for adjusting the client's     expectations early. When creating the live video, the storyboard will already include information such as the structure, the composition of     the frame, what angles to take, and the shooting perspective.

4. Storyboard makes the production process quicker. Creating animated videos is much smoother if there is a storyboard that works as a     guideline. 

5. Creating the storyboard makes the project manageable with better coordination. It allows for discussion and provides space to consider      small yet essential details well in advance. With a storyboard, it is easier to understand the density of scenes and think of changes before      the production starts. 

Checklist for Storyboard 

1. Questions to ask before creating a storyboard:

      a. What is the goal of the video?

      b. How the audience should feel, and what should they do after watching the video?

      c. What is the central message of the video?

2. Is the story and the way it is presented reflecting the company’s spirit?

3. Does it have B-roll as fillers?

4. Is brand book available?

5. Does it include additional notes and comments.

6. Does it cover all lines from the script?

While the storyboard remains an integral part of producing videos, there is much more to the process. 

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