The Real Secret to Video ROI

June 21, 2022

Making a good, impactful video requires planning, research, collaboration, skill, time, and investment.

Many marketers feel they would be better off spending their money on something simple and less expensive. For them, the ROI on a video does not make much sense. 

While we could make a case based on the high levels of engagement and conversion that video provides - however, a quick search and a considerable amount of literature are available on the topic. 

You can read here about some interesting stats that prove how video gives you the bangs for the bucks. 

But again, today, we will give you a whole new perspective and prove that video can be an ROI powerhouse.

The answer to extracting maximum ROIs from your video is having a solid, workable plan around repurposing your video. 

Remember, video is not an immediate consumable. It has a shelf life, and you need to make good use of it. 


When you set out to make a video, include the term repurposable in the brief. You have to be intentional about producing a video that has the potential to be repurposed. 


Ensure that the script has ‘paragraphs’ that hold whole meaning. These bits can be extruded later and used. 

Plan for a powerful intro - this will help you push your video content. 

Practically, all the power tips that will follow are considered in the initial brief before you hit the production floor. 

Multiple CTAs 

You can always produce a single video with multiple CTAs at the end. This will not only help you with A/B testing, but you could cater to numerous goals.

Imagine a video that talks about a product concluding with a CTA for the end-user and one for the trade. 

Cuts in three primary aspect ratio

Simply put, have your video done in three shapes: a square, a horizontal rectangle and a vertical rectangle. 

This will allow you to use your videos across multiple platforms. 

Landing Page

Are you not placing that video on your home page? Video keeps people on your website way longer. You cannot tell a better story without videos.

Go for it.

Make a provision to place your video on the homepage. Be smart about it and optimize for mobile. 

Yes, that many places

Do not overthink the targeting bit and limit your video to one avenue. Using the right edits, you can take your videos everywhere - YouTube shorts, TikTok, Instagram, presentations, WhatsApp, and so much more.

Do not self-censor yourself. Even LinkedIn has a smiling emoji now. It is a mistake to think B2B audiences are only to be found in certain places. Remember, they are human too. 

Well, there you go. Your video has some great potential and if you are looking for an equally exciting partner to help you achieve your video goals, write to us at 

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