‍The Secret to Great Animation‍

May 24, 2022

Setting good design in motion

Creating great animation is not all about innate creativity and fertile imagination. When turned into a video, even great ideas may feel a bit off for no specific reason. 

The key to getting it right is through design and its fundamental principles.

Recognizing good, captivating animation and creating one requires a basic understanding of the design principles. Here are universal rules that will show you what makes a graphic design a good one.

Negative Space

Also called ‘white’ space that is not taken up by any graphics. It should be used to define parts of the design, separate sections, or give the design some breathing space. The common mistake is filling out the negative space as much as possible, making the design look cluttered and unorganized. 


Proximity is grouping related design elements together. The main reason is to either create a connection between objects or to break organization and structure. 

In simple words, related elements ought to be in close proximity to be viewed as a group. Unrelated elements should have distance and should not be in close proximity to each other.


In design, hierarchy is used to rank elements and influence the order the viewer will see them. When the rule is implemented intentionally, it can help the viewer understand the storyline faster, emphasize particular elements and create organization.

Visual hierarchy can be established using contrast, balance, scale, and alignment.


Simplicity in design is getting to the message without using any unnecessary elements. Viewers should not be puzzled but have clarity about what they see. Any additional component in the form of typography or superfluous graphic element may introduce confusion. 

Choice of color 

The human eye can detect over seven million different colors. From an early age, we learn to assign values ​​or meanings to specific colors. A great example would be the traffic lights - these are just colors, but we learn that red means stop or warning, and green - permission to pass. 

This means that on the subconscious level we can take very different actions based solely on color. In design, colors are used to communicate with the audience to appeal to certain emotions. 


Function - defines the main objective of the graphic work. Motion graphics should be created in alignment with the specific requirements delivered by the client in a brief.

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