What’s the Importance of Corporate Videos?

March 1, 2020

We all know that creating corporate videos is a great practice for building a brand image and for conveying a specific message. But there’s a lot more than just that. Before we get into the benefits and importance of corporate videos, let’s get the basics right.


What Are Corporate Videos?          

They are the best source of pitching the services offered by an organisation in a succinct way. Corporate videos are one of the best ways to project key messages about the company in a crisp and easily distributable manner that ends up engaging potential or existing clients. A company video is best used when dealing with B2B marketing, i.e., Business-to-Business marketing, where the major focus lies upon business and its values rather than product promotion.


Some benefits of corporate videos:

1.     Better marketing:

A corporate filmmaker who can direct short, sweet, pertinent, and fun videos that focus more on product uses and industry trends is more likely to help gain clients.

2.     Boost in search engine rankings:

Irrespective of the scale of the business, 30 seconds to 1-minute-long business videos, describing the services offered, can increase the rankings on Google search results.

3.     Easier than reading a long article:

A video is more enjoyable than reading a long article describing the same thing in the video. It also allows viewers to sit back and relax for sometime. Wouldn’t you wish we made a video of this too?

4.     Brand awareness:

That feeling, where the product can be felt even though it hasn’t been used yet is what makes small business videos important for brand promotion. Such videos should also consist of redirection links to the site so that detailed information can be accessed about the service/product.

5.     Social media sharing:

If the right tactics are used, social media can be a great platform when it comes to increasing a brand’s reach among the target audience. Products become the talk of the town as soon as people see it online.

6.     Customer testimonials:

Honest reviews about the product can play an important role in influencing the audience to go for the product. That’s why a corporate video that includes testimonials can do wonders for sales.

7.     Training videos:

Videos that demonstrate the working and applications of the product can help users in a better way, more than reading a manual and looking at confusing diagrams. These types of corporate videos are popular and can be used during both offline events and online needs.


Importance of corporate videos.

Unique animated videos for business are becoming an important part of promotional campaigns for success in the modern era.


Corporate films are an excellent way to promote your business. Be it through social media channels or television, a film about the company can simply provide an insight into the efforts that go into making the business. After all, simplicity and authenticity are the most important factors in the corporate film.


There are many animated explainer video companies, corporate video production companies and video marketing companies that help in designing ideas into the right form so that they can be presented to the audience in the most palatable format possible.


Apart from this, major milestones, annual growth, and many other achievements can be filmed and uploaded online. These are more beneficial for startups, as they need to spread their word across to a large group of people, on a budget and in less time. Higher traffic, well-designed branding strategy, and a to-the-point business motivation video with the right message, when conveyed well will lead to more customers and higher profit.


Are you ready to use a corporate video to fuel your plans? Get in touch with us to create one for you.

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