Why do you need an APP Demo Video

July 13, 2021

In the last quarter of 2021 iPhone sales contributed to more than 50% of Apple’s total revenue. A marvel of hardware engineering, however the introduction of the APP ecosystem is undeniably a core tenet of the iPhone’s success.

With 3.48 million apps Google Play Store is the largest platform followed by Apple App Store that boasts of roughly 2.22 million apps.

So how do you make yourself visible as an app in such a massive, dense environment? We must be careful to avoid the narrative of isolated tricks to get you noticed. The most significant reason an app succeeds is by transferring value to its user. Whether it is being able to book an apartment or a taxi, apps do add a degree of convenience in our lives. When we think of apps the first few names that appear in our minds are Uber, Amazon, Banks, AirBNB, WhatsApp, TikTok and so on. However, there is a slew of apps that are gaining importance as we move towards a more digital reality. 

The categorisation of apps can be done as follows 

Utility Apps

Allows you to execute tasks or carry out an essential activity, like banking or hailing a cab. This could be messenger app or google maps.

Entertaining Apps

These could be gaming apps, puzzles and so on.

Entertainment Apps

Today half of the millennials are watching Netflix on their mobile devices through an app.

Customer Service Apps

Apps that help customer login their feedback and seek resolution.

Social & Content APPs

This is where you have large publications, apps like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and so on.

Today the above classification is no more watertight, there are super apps that do everything from acting likes messengers to buying food. In a growing scene where boundaries are blurred and brands are building newer proposition to bring larger audiences to their ecosystem, the challenge of being noticed is tough.

So let's say you have solved the UI / UX, your back ends works fine, the value that you provide is astounding. How do you get your customers to notice you? This is a marketing challenge. Also, the second important part is to ensure users actually engage with your app on a regular basis. The metric could be different, for Uber it could be at least a couple of times a week. For Airbnb it could be a few times a year,  for Facebook multiple times a day. While intuitive designs play a very important role in making an app user friendly, one is tempted to break convention and do something new. An app demo video that teaches the audience functionality and power features can be handy and effective.

How can an APP Demo Video help you reach more people and retain them? It's an old rule of marketing - demonstration works better than statements. You can write the features of your app in the brightest copy but it wouldn’t hold a candle to audiences watching them in action through a video. Video marketing for app is a solid avenue to explore. Two interesting stats below will prove our point.

79% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy or download a piece of software or app by watching a video

Consumers pay attention to video content the most 62% and skim or multitask written content and podcasts

App demo videos have a great impact on your ASO - App Store optimisation. In the form of an App Store preview video, the engagement and optimisation they bring are tremendous.

A video can increase your CVR or conversion rates by over 47%

What points do you need to consider to get a video that delivers for you in the app ecosystem?

1. Research your audience 

You must build a solid audience profile. An empathy led understanding of your audience will help you produce content that works. Find the cultural nuance, the practicalities of their need and try to answer them through your video.

2. Simplicity 

Do not get carried away by trying to impress your audience with tech-heavy language and other complex terms. Keep your message simple.

3. Less is more 

Ideally, it is better to prepare a series of short videos with bite-size content focusing on the individual features of your app.

4. Clear takeaway 

Make it about your audience and not you. Your video must speak about what the app does for them and not some mumbo jumbo new tech that you have discovered - people don’t care about you, they want to know what’s in it for them.

Apps are a central part of the mobile ecosystem, with billions of mobiles sold each year and an ever-increasing adoption of smart mobile phones across populations, apps are bound to be used from utility to emergencies, from entertainment to communication. While there are millions of them out there, however, there is always space for you if your app can do it better. And what better way to deliver that special magic you have created than a video that occupies, engages and entertains your audience. The video that demonstrates your app’s true potential.

Remember as much as a video is about marketing your app it is also about retaining and that is what a good demo video does.