Why Should You Include YouTube in Your Marketing Plan?

September 7, 2021

 YouTube - Key Numbers   


2+ billion monthly active users  

1+ billion hours of video watched every day  

1+ billion videos watched every day 


You may be concerned that YouTube is saturated. We believe there is space for everyone. 

A strategical approach will help you achieve your desired goals. 


Set Your Goals   

Identify a clear set of objectives. Planned activities placed in a marketing calendar will help you to be effective.  

Let us discuss some of the goals that you could set for your YouTube marketing plan.  


Building an Email List  


  • Place a strong  Call to Action (CTA) on your channel header. Put a link to a compelling piece of content summary.  You can ask your audience to share your email address to receive the full content.  
  • Join the YouTube partner program and associate your site with your Google account. This will let you link landing pages or your home page using cards. You can place these cards at the end of your video. Click here to get detailed steps.  
  • Use descriptions of your videos to place links. Link to pages with compelling CTA.  
  • Display your URL address on the content itself. Ask your audience to visit your website during the video.  


Image Building  


Use YouTube videos to display your domain expertise. Identify your niche and start working on the content. Building an audience on YouTube will take some time. However, if your content brings value and learning, you will find your audience.  

We have seen many thought leaders emerge from the YouTube ecosystem. Brands and individuals use YouTube to broadcast their views and opinions to gain authority over various discourses.  


Some key points   

  • Build content that provides value  
  • Be consistent 
  • Invest time in research before you start working on a piece of content  
  • Stick to your domain  


Search and SEO  


YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. The platform processes more than 3 billion searches a month. Quality content will allow your brand visibility to a large audience. 


To gain good visibility on YouTube you can use the following tips  


  1. Choose your keywords wisely 
  1. Include keywords in the title of the video 
  1. Include keywords in the video file 
  1. Optimize your description 
  1. Use video hashtags 
  1. Select a video category 
  1. Use eye-catching thumbnails 
  1. Add subtitles and closed captions 


Better Conversions   


Videos excel when it comes to influencing your audience or achieving the desired behaviour. You can use video content to narrate powerful stories that will influence your audience. Videos are the next best thing after in-person meeting.  


Effective Communication  


You can use YouTube to build credibility for your brand  


  • Create videos with your real team members  
  • Build content with case studies that display how you solved a certain problem  
  • Show the inner workings of your organisation. This helps to build transparency and trust  
  • Use explainer videos to show the correct way of using your product   


YouTube is a great platform if used properly. You can access a large audience and build a strong relation with powerful videos.  

If you want to take your YouTube presence to the next level talk to us hello@allinmotion.com