Before You Decide to Make a Video

August 10, 2021

1.      68 % of customers want to learn about new product from a short video compared to only 15% from text-based articles. 

2.      80% of consumers went on to buy software or an application after they watched a video about it. 

3.      96% of consumers claim they have increased the time they spent watching videos. 

4.      94% report watching explainer videos to learn more about a product. 


The stats are overwhelming when it comes to building a case for robust video library.  


However, good videos involve investment. With careful planning you can maximise your ROIs putting videos to better effect.  

In this blog we will discuss some key steps that you need to take before you actually shoot that brief to the agency.  



A good video needs time. Try to plan ahead of time so that you can offer healthy timelines to your video partner. Sharing from a studio’s perspective even a day can make a big difference in the output of a video.  


Defining your budgets in advance will help you get more. Clear budget is the key when it comes to optimising monies. Whether it is selecting the right vendor or choosing the best format that serves your goal within the given resources. We all need to optimise our spent, but it is equally important to be aware that quality comes at a cost. You do not want to waste your media, time and other resources working with poor quality assets.  



A clear objective provides the correct DNA for the project. Taking time and thinking deeply of what you want to achieve gives the right direction to all efforts.  



Be clear about the audience you want to talk through the video. Building a profile/persona always help. Key elements such as tone, language, cultural cues, choice of music, imagery must be chosen with respect to the intended audience.  


Selecting the right format will help you leverage your spent. Whether you want to use a 3D,2D or stock footage makes all the difference in the personality of the video.You need to decide if you need to prioritise emotions or information. If you are going to show a physical product or a soft service. Gaining a clear understanding of these factors will help you choose the right format. This is an exercise best done in consultation with your video partner.  


Base Content

Spending sometime in gathering quality relevant content is helpful. A power tip you can use here is apart from gathering information for within the organisation, looking up competition is equally helpful.Good communication does not happen in isolation.  


Script and Duration

Have a working script ready before you start with the execution. Start with a rough idea of duration and fill in the words. A one-minute voice over will have about 120 to 130 words. A finalised script will ensure that the VO recording will happen on time. Further it is also helpful to execute the project in time. 


Time invested in planning and preparation is never wasted. The making of a good video starts much before the execution stage. To know more about the makings of a good video and how we can help you develop a strong video marketing program contact us at