Building a Brand with Videos

August 3, 2021

Can we deny the tribal nature of human race? Perhaps not.  

Leadership in a tribe required a formidable personality. To be a tribal leader physical prowess was important but communication was supreme. And how did the leaders achieve so? Through storytelling.  


Storytelling appeals to our very nature. One could quote the plethora of research on the subject, however, can we deny our own experiences? We all grew up around stories. What is even more fascinating is that stories made us believe in the unbelievable.  



 Because hope is always closer to our hearts than facts.  


In modern times brands must appeal to our human nature. Today, it may not be possible to light a fire and have an audience sitting around it for us to tell our stories. But, the next best thing to that happens to be telling stories through videos.  


We must remember that books are bought to read because of the inherent interest and therefore they get the attention of the reader. Brand communication does not enjoy the same privilege. Nobody went to bed with the hope of learning about your latest diaper launch or the extra mint in your chewing gum. But perchance should someone come across your communication, to capture their senses with creativity, relatability and entertainment in your best chance. Nothing does it better than a video.  


We can place a whole lot of numbers, facts etc. around why videos are important but you can read it here some other time - Why videos  

So do all stories need to be around dragons and fairies, not necessarily. But, stories definitely need heroes and villains or should we say problems and solutions.  


Let's explore some interesting types of videos you can use to augment your brand 


The founder’s story

This is where you establish the “Why” of your brand. Creating a video that speaks about the history and the reasons why the brand came about helps one convey the “Why”.  

If you are a startup, the story of the founder and what compelled her to launch the brand provides much-needed credibility. Your story will help you sell much more than your product features.  

The product story

The next best thing to a product trial is watching a video about the product.  


80% of consumers went on to buy software or an application after they watched a video about it. 


Videos are a great way of explaining various salient features of your product. However, a good product video focuses on the single problem and the solution that the problem offers for it. Weaving a narrative around the consumer journey towards an effective resolution always works.  


The team story   


People like to see people. Building a video or a series of videos with team members makes your brand more relatable, more human. A great tip, not always do they have to speak directly about the company or the product. The video could be about their personal journeys too. Makes it all more believable and emotional.  


Customer stories  


Need I say anything about testimonials. Third-party endorsements are the greatest form of praise. However, please keep it genuine, real people with real experiences.  


Impact stories or case studies  


We can say working with some of the leading brands that videos with a narrow focus on a single problem and the journey to its solution work effectively. Case Studies done well have the ability to build emotional catheters rendering long term memory. You could use Impact Stories around your CSR activities, they help you build a sense of community and provide the brand with an organic disposition.  


So how are you planning to tell your brand story? Write to us for a discussion