Case Study Video - an Essential Part of B2B Marketing Strategy

July 5, 2022

Videos have emerged as an essential asset for B2B marketers worldwide. The ability to tell stories, create engagement and deliver conversion with strong ROIs is a package none choose to ignore. 

However, not all videos are equal. A skilled marketer will choose the correct format for the most effective results.  

This depends on various factors:

        1. What are we promoting- a product, a service,  or a personal brand. 

        2. Who is the audience.

        3. Which is the primary choice of platform for the distribution of the video. 


Above are some of the questions that help us choose a suitable format. 

One format that is particularly effective in building proof, validity, demonstrating value and third-party endorsement is a case study video. 


In today's blog, we will review the case study video and share some tips about why and how you can use it to your best advantage. 



What are case study videos?


Simply put, case study videos are videos that tell stories of authentic customer success. Stories about overcoming obstacles using your product or service are known as case study videos. 

One could consider the case study video as an effective problem-solution format that can deliver impactful messaging.


Can case studies video be the game-changer?


The aim is to present the value of products or services in an attractive way. A video can be the best evidence that your offering is worth the investment. 

This ability of the case study video to rope in audience trust translates directly into a higher conversion rate.



Why are your clients looking for case study videos?


We should also try to understand the equation from the audience's perspective. This will help us create better videos. 


Provide additional information


Your service/product has been already tested, and plenty of information can be derived from the case study video by your potential client. Remember that case study videos should focus on the outcome and results of implementing your solution. It should not focus on features too much.


Present solutions to problems


Presented stories are relatable​​ and offer a solution to the potential client's problem. 



Establish trust 


Establish credibility and add legitimacy to your services through case study videos. 



Give opportunity to present differentiator from the competition


A case study video is an excellent tool to set you apart from the competition. With strategic script writing, one can highlight differentiators within your product or service to set you apart from the competition. 



Provide social proof


It is not an overstatement that customer reviews play a vital role in your B2B business. Social proof- case study video works like a customer review. Looking for the opinion of others is the beginning of customers' journey.  This is where your customer forms an opinion about your organization.

Clients' buying decisions are greatly influenced by the information that can be found online.

Over 90% of people aged below thirty five trust online reviews as much as their close circle of friends and family.



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