Gaining Thought Leadership with Videos

August 17, 2021

What is Thought Leadership  


As per the Thought Leadership Lab - thought leaders are the informed opinion leaders and the go-to people in their field of expertise. They become the trusted sources who move and inspire people with innovative ideas; turn ideas into reality, know and show how to replicate their success.  


Who could be a Thought Leader? 


A thought leader could be an individual or an organisation. Apart from having in-depth domain expertise a thought leader must also have the ability to present new and innovative ideas. Thought leaders help people understand change and they provide them with much-needed direction to move ahead.  


How could you use videos to gain thought leadership?  


Let's say you have gathered some fantastic knowledge related to a particular domain. This accumulation could be through your experience working in the field or you are someone who has spent time researching the subject.  


Conventionally thought leaders would publish white papers, reports, write articles and so on. While these types of content pieces are still important, we need to go one step ahead and meet the audience where they like it the most.  


And that space is videos

82% of all internet traffic will be comprised of video views, that’s 15 times higher than what it was in 2017
82% would rather watch live video than read social media posts


The above 2 stats prove the massive impact videos have on audiences.  

Now that you have reasons to consider video, how do you go about it?  


Get a script in place 


The best videos are a result of good writing. However, writing for videos is not the same as for other mediums. You will have to think visually and separate the information to be conveyed through visuals and spoken word. Try to address one core topic at a time. If you are talking about sustainability as a broader subject, then think of rainwater harvesting as one core topic.  

A great script speaks in a simple jargon-free language. As for the duration, you need to think in multiples depending on the format. If it is a keynote it could be between 30-45 minutes. If you are looking to gain traction on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, shorter videos between 1 to 2 minutes will act like trailers and deliver the desired impact.  


Never underestimate the power of research. Ensure what you are going to speak about is backed by solid research and the facts have been proven and checked. This is a matter of credibility, and should never be taken lightly. Your best chance to get things right is at the script level.  

Selection of Format 


There will be videos you want to share that are a part of a larger event. There may be videos that were shot in environments beyond your control, for instance, you appear as a panellist or for an interview.                                                                                                                                Deciding to produce a video, you can choose the format that works best for you.  

In our opinion, a motion graphic based live-action video tends to work the best for videos that are about thought leadership.                   Especially, if you intend to use them on social media to gain audiences.  




It helps you add dimension to your storytelling.  


The stats and data mentioned are not so boring anymore. In fact, a good studio can make it eye-catching and interesting.                                 Data visualisation is storytelling as well.  


Because the first seconds decide whether your video will be watched or not, this is the best way to make an impact.  


It breaks the monotony and brings credibility - a good video will build your brand perception in the eyes of the audience.                            Visual cues are important to build value perceptions.  





We consider branding more in terms of static graphics. However, it is equally important to maintain brand standards while producing a video. It is a good practice to document vital elements of your brand that shall be used for videos. Try to build templates that can be used efficiently.  


Use a strong intro to the video that reflects your overall brand. Standardisation will help you gain registration with the audience over a period of time. Apart from the visual part, please ensure that the music that you have selected reflects your image and reinforces so positively. Consistency in messaging helps you build trust and a powerful intro is just the thing for that.  



These are some tips we believe can help you deliver content that will expedite your journey to becoming a thought leader.  


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