Homepage video – a Missed Opportunity

October 4, 2022

Want to make the most of your home page?

The net is filled with data about the importance of video for successful marketing. If you are someone who is still not convinced, please read here first.

While the world talks about YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, the impact of a video on your homepage fails to make it on the list of hot video marketing topics. 

But let us assure you that Homepage + Video = Some great marketing. 

We could support it with plenty of data but let us tell you a story instead. 

Sarah is looking for an email automation tool. You are a start-up that has just created one. You are also a startup with some great SEO and Google Search campaign. Finally, Sarah ends up on your homepage. 

There are some well-known email automation tools, and they enjoy a strong space in Sarah’s mind. So, what will it take to make Sarah give you a chance? 

Yeah, let's throw some heavy discounts and give a three-month free trial. Well, that may work, but at what cost? 

What is a better option? 

  • Make your product easy to understand.
  • Provide a clear and straightforward comparison showing why you are better.
  • Build an emotional hook.


Use a video to do so. 

  • Videos help you tell simple stories. 
  • People like watching videos over reading text. 
  • Videos help you build emotional currency.

How do you build a powerful video to deliver conversions on your homepage? 

Start with a straightforward proposition

Before writing a script, get clarity on key aspects of your product. Do some competitor research. Identify your strengths and place them in a clear, concise manner. Recognize pain points and match them with your solutions. Think deeply about your value proposition and hand it over to the scriptwriter. 

Forget the vanity

Make the video for the audience. You might be tempted to speak about yourself. This would be a mistake. Make space in your video to represent your audience. How? Build personas and use them to represent the POV of the audience in the video. 

Get the technicalities right

Ensure that you embed the right video player. One that works intelligently in the situation of low internet bandwidth has the capacity to automatically switch to the optimum mode when it comes to different screen sizes. Think mobile. 

Auto play or not

This is an interesting question, and we would say auto play with default mute is the way to go ahead. 

Get the other pieces right

Ensure that the visual treatment is in sync with the rest of the page. Get the color scheme and design sensibilities to compliment the rest of the page. 

Subtitles are important

Placing subtitles not only helps you build more inclusive content, but it will also ensure that audiences watching your video in public space can get the context on mute. 

Place the video in the above-the-fold space

Right at the banner may just give you the best results. Ensure that it is hard to miss. Check how the design consisting of the video renders on mobile. 

Duration is important

You need to find the sweet spot here. If you have to err, do it on the side of shorter. A video with too much granularity and details will fail to grab attention. Keep it short and simple. 

Videos are also a great way to increase the search ranking of your homepage. If you plan to place a video on your homepage, we can help you get it right. 

Please write to us at hello@allinmotion.com