Videos in the Year 2022

October 12, 2021
The digital ecosystem is developing at a rapid pace. Devices are becoming cheaper and accessible. Internet penetration is on the rise, and we are moving towards a more connected world. 


In a report published by Cisco it is estimated that by the year 2022, 82% of the internet traffic will be driven by video.  


How is it all going to look for marketers? 


Vertical videos  


Traffic through mobile is on the rise. As a result, vertical video consumption is growing. People are recording content through their mobile phones in a vertical format. The advent of Tik Tok and recently seen shorts on YouTube make us realize the size of the impact that vertical videos have. While most of the professional content generated is in the horizontal format, we cannot discount the effect of vertical videos on consumption habits. To appear relevant brands will have to take to new platforms with vertical orientation and cater to producing vertical video formats. 

Vertical videos are pegged with authenticity. An overwhelming percentage of vertical videos are user-generated. That gives the format an image of authenticity against professional videos which are looked upon as advertisements or brands trying to sell something. 


People who visit e-com sites tend to be influenced by user-generated videos. Watching these videos increases your chance of selling by 184%. 


We have been ushered into an era of community-driven marketing. The whole Us and Them paradigm has come to an end. Unless you make the audience feel like being a part of Us, it is going to be difficult getting their attention, let alone trust. 

Therefore, brands need to invest in content that aligns with these new expectations. 



Interactive videos 


Have you ever been on a long ride as a pillion driver sitting behind the rider, not much fun, is it? Humans love to be in control and interactive videos give a sense of control to the audience. 


It works well especially with longer content pieces. If you want to hold the audience’s attention, go for interactive videos. We believe 2022 will see a lot of material being produced in an interactive format. 


Silent videos 


As video consumption goes on the rise, so does the interest in silent videos. Facebook holds more than 8 billion views on its platform per day and about 85% of those videos are being watched on mute. 


It is crucial to ensure your video content is designed to serve on social media even when being on mute. Use captions, subtitles, get some text in there. This is also the ethical thing to do when it comes to the hearing impaired community. 


Subtitles increase the chance of your video being watched by 40% 



Augmented reality 


This is opening a whole new horizon. The possibilities around augmented reality videos are endless. 


Ikea is using AR to show audiences how a piece of furniture would appear in their homes. Tesco is using AR to bring Disney frozen products to life and attract a younger audience. From Cadbury to Converse, AR is being used by a host of brands to make an impact. 


We have chipsets and better technology that is enabling an entire ecosystem around AR. 

Augmented Reality Videos



Search optimized videos 


In 2022 we will see more companies placing video content on home pages and campaign landing pages. 

Not only do videos help drive conversions and bring a host of benefits, they are important for search as well. Websites that have video content are 53 times more likely to be featured on the first page of Google search results.


There are various possibilities and benefits that marketers can explore with videos in the year 2022.

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