Keeping up with Search Ranking Changes - Squeezing out more from Your Video Content

November 1, 2022

Google algorithms are increasingly prioritizing websites with video content. With Youtube being the second-largest search engine, it is crucial to focus on video marketing when planning a budget for next year. 

Videos keep visitors on your website for longer, capture their attention span, and have the capacity to invoke emotions. 

Maximize your Marketing Budget

37% of marketers think making videos are too expensive.

However, the right approach can help you go beyond concerns of cost and budgets. Not only do videos have a better ROI compared to other forms of content, but the right strategy can also help you further optimize. 

Squeeze out more from Your Video Content

Refresh Existing Content by Adding New Packaging

Optimize your videos to appear in search results. Use the newest Google features: Clip markup and seek markup. 

Make sure the video is attractive to the viewer. Adding overlay graphics, subtitles, and animation elements will give the video a contemporary feel. You can always use existing footage by repackaging them with motion graphics to drive more ROIs. 

Make your Videos More Discoverable

Update their metadata (title, description, and tags).

The average YouTube video gets 40% of its total views in the first three weeks, and then views gradually decline over time.

By making your videos more discoverable and easy to find, you increase the residual value of your asset. Build intelligent repositories of videos that will not only help the online audience find them easily but also your content team could re-use the video as and when needed. 

Repurpose Video Content 

This is perhaps the most impactful area to help you squeeze more value from your videos. Most organizations do not use a checklist around repurposing video content. 

Here are some easy steps to help you do so

  • Create GIFs that can be used in an email campaign.
  • Use frames from the video and incorporate them into an infographic.
  • Turn your videos into a podcast.
  • Create snippets of the best parts of the webinar.
  • Use a single video with edits for long and short forms across platforms.

We wrote an entire blog around the topic of repurposing videos. You can find some excellent tips on the topic, just click here.

Atomize Video Content for Social Media 

In 2023 bite-sized videos will really take off. 

Atomization was a term coined by Todd Defen, and it simply means taking a piece of content and breaking it down into smaller pieces of content.

Doing so with videos is not all that difficult. In fact, planning long-form video content with atomization in mind could give you more bang for your buck. This will help you utilize your content across various modes, such as YouTube shorts, Reels on Instagram, and TikTok. 

Be Authentic

Authenticity will be a determining factor of success for social media platforms in 2023. Being transparent and honest are the values that will be prioritized in social rankings. 

Go through the video content library to find raw footage, B-rolls, and behind-the-scenes videos that can be used on social platforms. Bring your employees into the frame. Using real team members gives a tremendous boost to your credibility. 

There is so much more to the idea of building a robust and ROI-driven strategy for video marketing.

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