Why should Start-Ups Use Video Marketing?

September 6, 2022

Success for a startup is about efficiency. Operating in a challenging environment with constrained resources means planning your budget with special care.

Swift turnaround times with measurable outcomes determine the growth trajectory of a startup. 

Marketing is a leading function as it not only generates revenue but also provides credibility to a startup brand. While we have exciting new avenues to reach audiences, there is nothing more powerful than a video. 

Except if the founders could talk to everyone in person! 

The phenomenal growth of video is further accentuated by newer paradigms of remote communication and collaboration due to the pandemic. On the other hand, the rise of mobile computational power and growing bandwidth capacity on cellular enables an ecosystem that provides a better video experience. 

Although what remains to be solved is the high effort and high cost of video production.  Or perhaps not so.

At All in Motion, we have figured out a process to solve this. However, this is a conversation for later - hello@allinmotion.com 

Why videos?

By the end of this year, video is expected to make up 82% of all internet traffic. 

This is indicative of the pervasive nature of the format. More and more people demand content through a video. 

How does a startup benefit from this?

Videos help build trust and credibility

Videos are the next best thing to an in-person conversation. When founders record themselves, when team members feature in a video, these stories have a positive impact. 

Videos are the best alternative to face-to-face meetings. You give a sense of accessibility and proximity to your audience. With a bit of practice and good production, a video generates positive emotions that deliver credibility and trust. 

People feel more comfortable spending money on a brand that is not hiding behind some digital address. Conversations and faces are essential. 

Videos can explain your brand’s story

Stories sell, and there is ample literature out there to prove so. Combining audio, video, music, and motion graphics enable you to tell your brand story like no other format. 

Let's admit, who would read a story when you can see it, feel it? 

Videos help you communicate innovations

Innovating is one thing, but communicating effectively what you have innovated, how it could be used, and what value it offers is a different challenge. 

Many good products could not scale just because people could not understand them. Using a video, you can demonstrate your product or service in action. Not only does this act as proof, but it takes away user anxiety. 

Videos increase your ROI 

Marketers agree that video produces more conversions than any other type of content. The return on investment for a video is 2X compared to other formats. Twitter's official blog says a video tweet generates 10X engagement. No other format gives you visibility and bangs for your buck compared to a video. 

Using a repurposing methodology, you can take your ROI even higher. How to do that well read here 

Videos help you connect with your audience and impact their behavior

Derek Sivers argues,  More information is not the answer. Indeed, how you tell it builds a bond with the audience. The quality of communication and the richness that video offers are unparalleled. 

Videos can help increase content ranking

Google likes videos, and a landing page with a good video on it will get a far better ranking with Google compared to a page with only text and graphics. 

We must also remember that YouTube is the second largest search engine. People are looking for answers on YouTube every single minute. 

Videos give you social media exposure

Video generates as much as 1200% more shares than text and image content combined.

Today TikTok is leading a new kind of content revolution. So powerful has been the impact that Instagram with reels and YouTube with Shorts have been trying to copy the platform. 

While Linkedin is a great social platform to create an impact with videos, you can also extend your brand's reach by connecting with audiences on other social platforms. The point being video is the king on social. 

So if you are a startup who is looking to make an impact and is concerned with budgets, timelines, and efforts in making a video - don't be.

Just write to us at hello@allinmotion.com and we will help you begin your video journey, or if you already have, we will help you take it to the next level.