3 Best Video Types for B2B Demand Gen

November 15, 2022

Marketing has various layers, from brand to execution. Videos are one of the most dynamic assets that marketers can use. From brand marketing to hard-selling videos can provide great value across the spectrum. Today's blog will discuss using videos in your demand gen exercises. 

What is Demand Gen?

Demand Generation means planning and orchestrating an end-to-end funnel. Important stages of the Demand Generation funnel are as follows: 

  • lead capture 
  • lead nurturing
  • and pipeline acceleration.

In the book Breakthrough Advertising, Eugene Schwartz brakes down buyer awareness into 5 stages: unaware, problem aware, solution aware, product aware, and most aware. We should not assume that the customer knows the brand and is ready to buy the product or the service. The purchase decision does not exist in a vacuum. Building awareness and context is the groundwork of any marketing strategy. Therefore limiting Demand Gen to running paid ads is a harmful oversimplification. 

Why is Demand Gen crucial in the B2B sector?

  • Evokes interest
  • Raises awareness of the brand's existence and its offer
  • Positions your product or service as the logical solution to the problem
  • Generates leads
  • Builds trust
  • Establishes authority 

Thanks to Global Demand Lead Gen, your business' marketing messages will sound more authoritative and carry more weight with prospective clients, ultimately helping you increase revenue. 

53% of marketers spend at least half of their budget on lead generation

How will you benefit from promoting Demand Gen Videos?

Videos are the most powerful content in a digital environment. You can go through powerful stats to prove our point here

The very nature of video as a format is attention-grabbing. The medium has an inbuilt capacity for storytelling. By engaging audio-visual senses, videos allow the audiences to hone in on your message, provided the quality of the video is good. 

So what will videos do for you in a demand gen exercise? Let's see the points below. 

1. Generate high-quality leads

2. Build strong brand perception

3. Increase revenue

4. Generate higher traffic to your website

Best B2B Demand Gen Videos 

While there are quite a few options that you could use, we would like you to focus on the below three important formats that would help your demand gen excel. 


Organizing webinars is a great way to position your organization as a leader in the field and gain high-quality leads without mentioning your product or service until the later stages of the buyers' journey.

By hosting webinars, the brand is advertising not the product but the whole category, understanding that the audience may not be ready to commit at that stage. We wrote here what makes a webinar successful.

Case Study

The key to success is not pushing but rather pulling through the customers' journey.

Providing customers with ready answers to their questions is the way to go. Case study videos are a great way to provide solutions that your customers are looking for. 

To learn how to create a great case study video, click here.

Product/Service Overview Video

Product/Service Video, apart from the informational aspect, is a clear sign for the audience that your brand is legitimate and well-established. The video ought to focus on presenting the unique selling point (USP). This should be the nudge for the customer to get closer to making the purchase decision. 

So if you want to vitalise your demand gen campaigns and make them highly productive, please write to us at hello@allinmotion.com