High Converting B2B Video Sales Letter - Best Practices 

November 8, 2022

Sales is tough.

There is general fatigue amongst the audience as they are bombarded with tons of salesy messages every day. Coping mechanisms have already kicked in, and we have developed the capacity to delete sales messages without even having to make a conscious effort. Don't we all have a filter developed where a quick look and we know the message is no good? 

So how do we overcome this fatigue? 

Breaking the mold is one way to get across the sensory filter and video sales letters are working.

At least for now.  

What is a Video Sales Letter?

Video Sales Letter is pitching a product or service using video. A key insight that makes video sales letter a powerful idea is that

73% of people would rather watch a video to learn about a product or service than read a text-based article website or post.

Where can you use Video Sales Letters?

Video sales letters can be used over several channels starting with a dedicated landing page. Using inbound techniques you can drive traffic to a landing page that carries the video sales letter. 

A video sales letter is also used with outbound methods, especially with email campaigns. 

We would recommend using the video message prominently on your web home page too if the product that you are talking about is central to your offering.

Some organizations may also use a sales letter video over social. 

Why do videos work best?

People buy from people that they know, like, and trust

Videos are the quickest and most powerful way to build connections between people. People are emotional beings, and their purchase choices are rarely based on logic alone. You would be surprised that this is true for a B2B environment too. 

Conversion rate for websites with video is 4.8% versus 2.9% for sites without. 

Thanks to the video, we can leverage the message and build an emotional connection with the audience through background music or facial expression.

B2B Video Sales Letter - Best Practices 

How to get your video sales letter working. Let us share some important tips that will help you get a video sales letter that works.

Ideally, it is good to divide the process into parts and have the plan to help you deliver. The first and most important tip is to ensure you understand the intended audience well. What are their needs, their pain points, and their options?

A good video needs a great script, and without research, this is not possible. So always start by researching your audience and the competition. 

Pre-planning level

1. Tailor your message to your target audience, and build a strong connection. One size fits all is not a good idea. 

2. Offer the solution to the problem - support your statement with data and examples. Why should the audience trust you? Win them over     with facts delivered with conviction. 

3. Clear communication - only one message at a time seems to work best. The temptation to elaborate on too many things is never a good      idea. Less is more when it comes to building a compelling video message. 

4. Use Call to Action. A clear call to action helps you ensure that the impact of the video converts into tangible results. Guide the audience     to the next steps, making it easy for them to follow through. 

Execution level

1. Grabs the viewer’s attention- use the pattern interrupt. It can be a shocking statement, a surprising one, or presenting something the     audience does not expect. There is very little time before the audience decides to skip over. 

 If the first 10 seconds of the video do not catch the viewer’s attention, then you have lost a potential customer.

2. Showcase the problem, and use methods of highlighting it in terms that reflect the audience's position. Follow this with an equally strong     proposition of solution. While it is important to garner attention, avoid being superfluous or making claims that are too good to believe. 

3. Choose a person who has a strong presence on the camera and a clear voice. A confident speaker builds more trust - be natural and     maintain eye contact. Doing a few practice runs is a great idea to reach a perfect delivery. 

4. Create a visual style - choose the location/ backdrop carefully and intentionally. Too plain and things get boring. Too busy and your video     might appear cluttered. Try to strike a balance and get the aesthetics right. 

5. Decide on the length of the video, anything from 2-15 min works best. Remember the idea length is one that justifies your     messages.People can binge-watch interesting content for hours and, at the same time, skip videos in seconds. Put the audience first in     your messaging. Talk from a perspective of empathy, and you will get better attention. 

Post-production level

1. Packaging of the video can certainly help gain more attention. Imagine, as you speak, a chart and important data pop up. This is going to     engage the audience for sure. 

2. Make it visually appealing for the audience by using animation. Read here to learn how motion graphics can help you deliver the message     in an attractive way.

3. And the last bit that most ignore is to ensure that you can reuse the material. Click here to read more about repurposing your video     content.

Video sales letters are certainly the way to go. We can help you get impactful, professional videos that deliver. Write to us at hello@allinmotion.com to know more.