Thinking Long Term with Videos 

January 3, 2023

Understanding the real impact of videos beyond short-term measurement

Videos have emerged as the dominant content form, and the year 2023 will notice an unprecedented proliferation of videos across platforms. 

It would be a mistake to take the growth of video as a trend - this is a new paradigm. Thanks to an enabling ecosystem via digital screens, softwares, social platforms, UGC and better connectivity through the world wide web. 

This blog endeavors to provide a meaningful approach outline that will help brands use videos efficiently and effectively. 

Treat videos as a part of a consolidated narrative

Identify the larger narrative of your brand. Every time you decide to tell a story about a bit, remember that it is going to be a part of the whole. 

Each video should be considered as a chapter of one whole book. Therefore take measures towards developing a style guide for videos that resonate with your brand ethos. 

It is wrong to think that standardization will hamper innovation and diversity. Instead, standardization will help you develop a signature style that can be expressed through various treatments. Audiences trust the familiar, and to build familiarity, you need to have elements that are standardized. Imagine building a library based on a theme; the bits are the books, and the library is your brand. 

Create the space for videos 

Often we see videos being used as a one-off element. Videos have great potential, and the ecosystem allows for dynamic usage right from social media to your landing page. In the days of the attention economy, it is time to take a video-first approach. A ton of research would point to the audience's preference to get information via videos over reading text. 

Do not limit videos to social or Youtube, in particular, start featuring videos on your home page, landing pages and emailers. 

Videos equal visibility 

Youtube is the second largest search engine globally, and Google algorithms have started giving weightage to video content. Relying on text to be discovered is insufficient and you should look at videos as a core part of your visibility drive. Read here to get some details on the topic.

Build a calendar 

Many of you will be starting with your video journeys, and it always helps you to have a video module as a part of your marketing calendar. To drive a long-term strategy, you need a road map to help you deliver. We wrote in detail about a video calendar here.

Measure meaningfully

We understand that videos are not the cheapest content form to execute. They require investment. However, true accountability will only come through once you understand that videos will be the building blocks of your content outreach. Following a short-term transactional approach may not be the best bet. 

This is not to say that videos don't work in the immediate sense, they do; videos get more engagement compared to any other content form. However, your video strategy should not only look for content that delivers in the short term but also build video content that tells a more grounded story. Such content will help you garner credibility and loyalty. 

In getting a meaningful ROI understanding, ensure that you have a sound distribution and repurposing strategy in place. Videos have a robust shelf life, and if executed effectively, audiences love to return to inspiring content. 

If you are ready to embark on your video journey, give us a shout, and we could share more insights to help you succeed.

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