Three Important Marketing Trends for 2022

March 7, 2022

The last two years of isolation and the current geopolitical situation in Eastern Europe have forced marketers to rethink their strategies around addressing customers' needs and planning touchpoints with the audiences. 

It became clear that raising brand awareness is not enough. The focus should be on building a meaningful and trusted content repository to connect with your audiences. Once you gain their trust, it is all about nurturing the connection for a long-term, value-driven relationship. 

Here are three important marketing trends that will help you take your playbook to the next level:

Interactive Content is the King

The audience is well-informed and far more independent in the purchase journey.

It is important to make the content that is educational and engaging so it allows the user to follow the path of self-discovery. 

An interactive content grabs the audiences' attention and puts them in the driver's seat. Interactive videos are the most impactful marketing content as it require action from the audience.

Viewers must engage and take action to advance the video. This could be a quiz they have to answer, some form of navigation, path, and branches in the video.  

Most Impactful interactive videos:

  • Quizzes / polls videos  
  • Gamification  
  • Hotspots - clickable areas  
  • Data entry areas- e.g. name, city 

Bring Empathy-Driven Content 

Nicholas Taleb in the Black Swan reminds us that humans are not rational. Quite the opposite - they are driven by emotions. This line of thinking gave Daniel Kahneman the Nobel prize. We have an entire faculty of behavioral sciences coming through.

But what evokes emotions? Studies show that emotions and actions are driven by values. 

95 percent of our purchasing decisions are driven by subconscious urges, the biggest of which is emotion.

Customers are expecting brands to be authentic and empathetic.

Topics such as sustainability, inclusivity, equality, social responsibility, and diversity have become increasingly important. 

Humanized video content works best when it comes to building trust and brand credibility. 


Re-think Content Form

The information glut which presents an enormous amount of irrelevant data to the users often leaves them confused and unable to reach any decision.

Try to be the signal, not the noise. 

While there is an audience that has an appetite for long-form content, you need to supplement initial interest with easier and more engaging formats. 

The key is to place content in a readable and shareable format. Brands that can present their findings in an interesting way will win and have a more successful Web presence. 

The best formats would be: 

  • Infographics 


Both the formats do well to summarise information and transfer value with the least effort.

The idea is to provide the audience with enough traction with your content encouraging them to invest time with the lengthy stuff. 

You have to map the consumer experience and how they navigate. By following logical steps of building interest and then asking for time investment you shall end up with a much more effective content strategy. 

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